Berube Toughness Runs in Family

December 25, 2006 by Tyler  
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Berube NHL FighterThis video is an exclusive to NHL Digest and features former National Hockey League enforcer and current Philadelphia Phantoms Coach, Craig Berube’s younger relative Tyler Berube[18 White] punching the daylights out of 3 different opponents in a college hockey brawl.

The fight starts about 1:30 into the video and Berube can be seen hammering away in the left of the screen.

You may want to rewind it and watch it a few times, there are some good tilts other than Berube’s as well. Take a moment to notice some of the celebrations at the end.


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    [...] readers may remember Tyler Berube as the pugilist in this video from his college hockey days where he knocked out three different opponents during a bench clearing [...]

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