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September 1, 2009 by Tyler  
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As sports fans there is little doubt that we all have those songs embedded in the back of our minds that, when heard, remind us instantly of our favorite game, team or arena.

As a life long hockey fan there are many songs that fit that bill for me. Of course, there is Stompin’ Tom Connors’ Hockey Song, but it isn’t the songs about the game that are the most powerful me. There are scores of songs where the word hockey is not contained in the lyrics, yet they have become ingrained in the hockey culture.

The Branding Power of Song

Any Canadian, hockey fan or not, will recognize what has become known as the Country’s second national anthem – CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada original theme song.  Although CBC relinquished the rights to the song in 2008, it will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of hockey fans across the country.

Although the song has no lyrics, hockey fans from eight to eighty could be heard each Saturday night since 1968 chanting along with the musical scores as the program got underway.  Though few songs have the power to unify a country and cement a brand, the original Hockey Night In Canada theme did just that.

Other than the two above mentions “hockey super-songs”, fans often reference songs that bring back memories of games attended at the local rink or even their favorite NHL arena.  These are the proverbial sports anthems that, when played loudly in the arena, make fans rise to their feet and sing along, bob their heads, or clap their hands.

When asked to name the best hockey songs of all time, NHL Digest readers responded with the following 10 songs:

1.) We Will Rock You – Queen
2.) Crazy train – Ozzy Osbourne
3.) Raise A Little Hell – Trooper
4.) Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation
5.) Get Ready For This – 2 Unlimited
6.) Welcome To The Jungle – Guns ‘N Roses
7.) Enter Sandman – Metallica
8.) Fifty Mission Cap – The Tragically Hip
9.) I want to Drive The Zamboni – The Zambonis
10.) For The Love of The Game – Pillar

You can preview and download any of the above hockey songs from using the playlist provided here:

Why Hockey Songs Are Important

Of course everyone has their favorite hockey song, maybe one that is associated with the favorite team, player or hockey memory. Some songs like “Celebration” are played when your home team scores a goal, which is why John Bernier referenced it as one of his favorite hockey songs.

Other songs, like EMF’s “Unbelievable”, are memorable to fans who hear it played after a goaltender makes a miraculous save. As you can see there are many reasons why a fan might be partial to a particular song as being their favorite “hockey song”.

If your favorite hockey song isn’t named here, please add it in the comments and let us know why it is your favorite!


27 Comments on "Top 10 Hockey Songs"

  1. Jamie Favreau on Mon, 26th Jan 2009 11:03 pm 

    Very good list!! I don’t like the new HNIC theme song when I was flipping through the YouTube list. It wasn’t the same…

    I love the classic footage!

  2. Ethan Stanislawski on Tue, 27th Jan 2009 9:29 am 

    It seems I can’t go to an NHL game anymore without hearing Arcade Fire’s “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out).” I first heard it at the Bell Centre, so I chalked it up to Montreal pride, but I’ve heard it in both New York and Boston since then.

  3. Kyle on Tue, 27th Jan 2009 9:37 am 

    Hey Tyler,
    For me, anything from the Tragically Hip’s “Fully Completely” album brings back vivid memories of hockey from my youth. When that cd came out coincides with when my interest in hockey just exploded. I had liked it before that and was a player and card collector, but only became a fanatic in ’92. That album is pretty much the soundtrack of 1992 for me, the year in which my card collecting was at its peak, and in which the Habs embarked on their journey to their 24th Cup.

    One that wasn’t mentioned and that’s probably because it doesn’t qualify as a “song” in that it doesn’t have radio play or a music video is Canada’s second national anthem – The Hockey Theme (formerly Hockey Night in Canada’s theme song).
    I’m sure any and all Canadian hockey fans have a deep connection with that song. Whether or not TSN is flogging to death now is a separate topic!


  4. Kyle on Tue, 27th Jan 2009 9:54 am 

    Oops, my bad, I meant to say that ‘wasn’t mentioned on the list’. But you covered it in your article.

    Another one that I didn’t recall – The Canadiens in the past couple years (though not this season) were apparently big U2 fans.

    Habs players came on the ice to “Where the Streets Have No Name” and when they scored a goal, “Vertigo” blared over the sound system.

    Great stuff.

  5. Sez on Wed, 18th Feb 2009 1:52 pm 

    Why’s Guns N Roses only in at no 6??!!! We are talking about of all time and they could wait 15 years before bringing out another album!! That’s called spanning time! FYI fans – heard that’s going to launch a new GNR merch store this friday – woohoo!!!

  6. DANIELLE S on Thu, 26th Feb 2009 11:24 am 


  7. olasv (Fredrik Olasveengen) on Tue, 1st Sep 2009 7:32 am 

    Twitter Comment

    RT @nhldigest Top 10 Hockey Songs [link to post] #hockey

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  8. Sharon L on Wed, 2nd Sep 2009 2:05 am 

    Simply the Best by Tina Turner reminds me of the Oilers’ hey days and especially Mark Messier. I remember him singing it when they won the last cup in Edmonton in ’90.

  9. » Blog Archive » Afternoon Delight: 9 for 9 on Wed, 9th Sep 2009 4:02 pm 

    [...] list of Top 10 hockey songs. Pretty much what you would expect [...]

  10. Pauline on Thu, 5th Nov 2009 3:52 pm 

    Does anyone know of a hockey song with “and buy your goalie a beer” in the chorus?

  11. Ken Wilson on Sat, 21st Nov 2009 5:27 pm 

    These are not hockey songs, they are what they play between the breaks. For life of me none these actually make me remember how much I love the game or say much about it except maybe the last 2.

    I remember games, but never the music..
    Best Hockey song about Hockey that I have ever heard

    “Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song)”
    Warren Zevon

  12. bob on Mon, 4th Jan 2010 8:00 pm 

    What about the good old hockey game

  13. bob on Mon, 4th Jan 2010 8:05 pm 

    Why is that song not on there. It is the best hockey song ever.

  14. Kevin on Sat, 30th Jan 2010 7:20 pm 

    Anyone know the song playing in the background during Hockey Day in Canada on Jan 30th? Sort of a folky sound.

  15. sean on Mon, 1st Feb 2010 9:09 am 

    It’s called ‘skating rink’ by David Francey.

  16. Jane on Tue, 11th May 2010 2:01 am 

    What about the oldie but goodie “Clear the Track, Here Comes Shack!” ?

  17. Rob M. on Thu, 20th May 2010 5:36 pm 

    How can you go wrong with
    “The Good Old Hockey Game?”

  18. Kris on Thu, 20th May 2010 5:48 pm 

    As good as “I want to Drive The Zamboni” is, it doesn’t hold a candle to “Hit Somebody” by Warren Zevon. There are a couple of reasons.

    First is that I love a song that tells a story. If there is any doubt the story in “Hit Somebody” is a good one, Kevin Smith is in the proses of making it into a movie.

    I also have A personal reason. but that is a long story and I won’t get into it here.

    The only reason I can see to not being included on the list is the tempo. Still, the arena for the ECHL team where I live plays it before most games.

  19. greg668771 on Thu, 20th May 2010 6:01 pm 

    Personally I agree with the posters that these are not just “Hockey Songs”… however, they do seem to charge a crowd up very well…

    As for traditional Hockey Songs… “Boys of Winter” is my personal favorite!

    For goal songs… it is close for me… but “Rock and Roll part 2″ and Blur’s “Song 2″(the whoohoo song) are tops for goals… every team was copying it in the early 90′s…

    I have no problem at all with your list for action breaks!

  20. Noel on Wed, 2nd Jun 2010 5:31 pm 

    You forgot the MOST important hockey song…

    “Rock & Roll Part 2″ by Gary Glitter.

  21. Alex on Tue, 15th Jun 2010 12:44 pm 

    Chelsea dagger Go hawks

  22. Harry Kane on Mon, 13th Dec 2010 11:24 pm 

    Please check out on of the best- newsest hockey songs of all time. It is about an old team that has been through alot over the past several years, still… this should inspire everyone to one of the greatest teams ever!
    go to Kiss My Maple Leaf on Youtube and enjoy this awesome original hockey song!

  23. Harry Kane on Mon, 13th Dec 2010 11:26 pm 

    Kiss MY Maple Leaf on Youtube is an actual hockey song!
    And will blow your mind…

  24. Serginho on Wed, 15th Dec 2010 11:21 pm 

    None better than the old Hartford Whalers’ “Brass Bonanza”. Set the standard.

  25. Cameron on Sun, 26th Dec 2010 11:23 am 

    One of my personal favorites to play at hockey rinks is “One Hit (To the Body)” by The Rolling Stones

  26. Jackson on Tue, 4th Jan 2011 8:20 pm 

    I think another one could be the final countdown

  27. Mike on Wed, 5th Jan 2011 4:02 pm 

    to me whenever i think of hockey songs you gotta mention Rock and Roll pt2 by Gary Glitter!!!

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