Brett Hull’s Unbreakable Scoring Record

August 17, 2009 by Tyler  
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brett-hull-scoringIt came as no surprise when Brett Hull was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame this year.  Hull won 2 Stanley Cups (Even if his foot was in the crease) and was among the most prolific pure goal scorers of his era, putting him among some very impressive company.

Hull amassed almost 1400 points in 1269 games and 19 seasons in the National Hockey League. 741 were goals.

Through the course of his career, Hull played in 8 All-Star Games, led the league in goals three times, captured the Lady Byng Trophy, Hart Trophy and Lester B. Pearson Awards. Pretty impressive resume!

A Career Year

Following the 1990-91 season, when Brett Hull won the Hart Trophy, he was elevated to the upper echelon of goal scorers in the National Hockey League.

It has previously been mentioned that Hull’s 1990-91 season may be the best goal scoring performance in modern hockey.  No, it’s not the most goals that have ever been scored in a season, but the argument for best scoring performance can certainly be made given the following facts:

During the 1990-91 season Brett Hull led the NHL in the following categories:

  • Goals Scored – 86
  • Goals per Game – 1.10
  • Even Strength Goals – 57
  • Game Winning Goals – 11
  • Power Play Goals – 29
  • Empty Net Goals – 0
  • Shots on Goal – 389

Following Hull in the goal scoring race that season was a three-way tie for second between Cam Neely, Theoren Fleury and Steve Yzerman- each notching 51 goals.

How Impressive Was Hull That Season?

Making Hull’s feat even more impressive is that he led the goal scoring race by an amazing 35 Goals! What is even more amazing is that only 22 players in the entire NHL had more than 35 total goals that season.

To put the margin of victory into perspective, Hull outscored his nearest opponent by more than 68%.

No player since Hull’s 86 goal campaign has scored more than 76 goals in one season and only one player in the past 12 seasons (Alexander Ovechkin) has scored more than 60 goals in a year.

Only Wayne Gretzky has ever scored more than 86 goals in one NHL season. Gretzky accomplished it twice, once in 1981-82 with 92 goals and again in  1983-84 with 87 goals. In 1983-84 Gretzky led his nearest opponent, Michel Goulet, by 31 goals.

There are many records out there that some say will never be broken. I believe Hull’s margin of victory in goals during 1990-91 should be included in those conversations.

What do you think?


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  1. speakofthedevs (New Jersey Devils) on Mon, 17th Aug 2009 7:58 am 

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    RT @nhldigest: The Latest from NHL Digest: Brett Hull’s Unbreakable Scoring Record [link to post]

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  2. sandihockeymom on Mon, 17th Aug 2009 10:02 am 

    I love Brett Hull! Not only for his ability as a player (and thanks NHLDIGEST for a great breakdown of his talent) but also for the person he is! Its as if he’s never lost the original joy he had as a tot no matter what he’s doing in hockey!! That’s my hero!

  3. SandiHockeyMom (Sandi Lincoln) on Mon, 17th Aug 2009 10:06 am 

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    Awsm #studmuffin RT @nhldigest: The Latest from NHL Digest: Brett Hull’s Unbreakable Scoring Record [link to post]

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  4. Mother Pucker Hockey on Mon, 17th Aug 2009 1:15 pm 

    Yeah I think that a 35 goal lead unimaginable these days. The only way I could see it happening is if Ovechkin or whoever was to score 100 goals.

  5. Jamie Favreau on Fri, 21st Aug 2009 3:03 am 

    I liked what he did when he was in Detroit. He was grooming Pavel Datsyuk and helping to mold him into the player he is today.

  6. David Rankin on Fri, 21st Aug 2009 3:10 am 

    You forgot to mention the most important thing about that season.

    It is well-known that Brett Hull and Adam Oates were the most productive duo in NHL history. Oates only played 61 games in 1990-91. Had he played an entire season alongside Hull, Wayne Gretzky would not be the single season goal scoring record holder.

  7. Matt on Mon, 13th Sep 2010 8:13 am 

    Without Oates, Hull was just a 50 goal scorer (which is great) but he owes his 70 goal seasons to Oates, totals he was never able to duplicate without him. Hull called Oates the most underrated player in NHL history, I’d have to say he’s up there with Marcel Dionne in that category.

  8. Matt on Mon, 27th Sep 2010 8:02 am 

    I never realised the 2nd scorer had only 51 goals that year, with the help of Oates, Hull dominated the goal scoring race by the same margin Gretzky dominated the point scoring race in his most dominant season (in ’87, he had 183, 2nd place Kurri had only 108). There have been higher scoring seasons yes, but I’ve always looked at the margin of difference as being the most important factor.

  9. Tom on Mon, 8th Nov 2010 8:11 pm 

    Coming close would be 1944-45 when Richard had that first 50 goal season. His 50 goals in the 50 game season was 21 goals more than the next best at 29 – close to doubling up the next opponent.

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