Canucks Season Preview With Elliot Pap

September 7, 2007 by Tyler  
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Vancouver Canucks 2007-2008 Season Preview | Eliot Pap InterviewToday TheNeilShow sits down with Elliot Pap of the Vancouver Sun to discuss the state of the Vancouver Canucks for the 2007/08 season.

TheNeilShow – How has the reaction of the new jersey gone over in the city of Vancouver?

Elliott Pap – Lukewarm. Many people are a little put off by the word “Vancouver” on the front. Everyone seems to like the colors, though

TheNeilShow – What will new defencemen Aaron Miller bring to this Vancouver team?

Elliott Pap – Miller will obviously bring experience. He will likely be on the third pairing with Lukas Krajicek

TheNeilShow – There have been some “talk” that Markus Naslund is trying to recruit Forsberg,What are the chances Peter Forsberg ends up on the coast this season?

Elliott Pap – There is almost no chance on Forsberg coming to Vancouver, because there is no cap room and I don’t believe he wants to play in the same division against his old team

TheNeilShow – What rookies do you expect to make pushes to make the big club this camp?

Elliot Pap – Left wing Mason Raymond and defenceman Luc Bourdon

TheNeilShow – In your opinion,what does Markus Naslund need to do to get his “game” back?

Elliot Pap – Naslund needs to get hungry and drive to the net more

TheNeilShow – Do you expect Jeff Cowan to produce at the same level as last season?

Elliot Pap -Yes, I expect Cowan to produce at the same level

TheNeilShow – The Canucks brought in Brad Isbister this year,what role will he have with the team and who do you see him playing with?

Elliot Pap – Isbister will probably be on the fourth line with Ritchie, Burrows and/or Cowan

TheNeilShow -In what areas do you believe the Canucks are weak ?

Elliot Pap – The power play!

TheNeilShow – Can this version of the Vancouver Canucks win the North west division?

Elliot Pap – Yes, they can repeat as long as Luongo stays healthy

TheNeilShow – Where are the Canucks holding camp this year?

Elliot Pap – Victoria, BC.

TheNeilShow – I have heard Mattias Ohlund played with a sports hernia during the playoffs last season and didn’t tell teammates. Is there any truth to this?

Elliot Pap – Yes, there is truth to it as Luongo said he didn’t know.

TheNeilShow – In what spot in the Western Conference do you see the Canucks placing this season?

Elliot Pap – I see the Canucks finishing third.

TheNeilShow – What is your favorite Canucks story since you have been covering the team?

Elliot Pap – The night of Pavel Bure’s first game in Vancouver. He was electrifying!!!

TheNeilShow -We here at would like to thank you for spending some time with us. Can you tell the readers what you do and where they can read your work?

Elliot Pap – I am a hockey reporter with the Vancouver Sun.

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3 Comments on "Canucks Season Preview With Elliot Pap"

  1. Tyler on Fri, 7th Sep 2007 7:19 pm 

    Naslund had better produce this year or he might be on his way out of Vancouver!

  2. neil on Fri, 7th Sep 2007 7:39 pm 

    Canucks live and die by Luongo.Naslund hasn’t shown up the past two seasons…think he misses Bert?

  3. Tyler on Sun, 9th Sep 2007 8:13 am 

    It’s funny how the Naslund-Bertuzzi combo worked so well. Together they are excellent, but apart simply mediocre.
    Neil, you are correct…Canucks are 100% on the back of Luongo.

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