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October 21, 2009 by Tyler  
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m11_SideA few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak with Mark Messier about his new project, the development of promotion of the new M11 Helmet.

Since that time I have had been able to use the new helmet a few times and am prepared to share my thoughts on the helmet.

Style and Comfort

The style of the helmet is much improved from the previous Cascade CHX helmet and this is one of the things that Messier stressed during his involvement in the project.

“It is important that the helmet provide good style in addition to comfort, venting and the SEVEN technology that increases safety and comfort unlike any other helmet on the market.”

The Cascade Seven technology uses “lateral displacement technology” to
provide the protection of two helmets in one. The theory is that the
M11 helmet protects equally as well against concussions as it does
against catastrophic hits.  I must say that the helmet is very comfortable and just the comfort alone versus that of the traditional EPP foam makes it worth checking out.

Fortunately, I didn’t get to test the helmet against a serious impact that could cause a concussion, but it did deflect a couple of sticks and pucks over the course of several games without incident.

There still exists some debate among ‘experts’ as to the actual effectiveness of any helmet’s ability to prevent or reduce the incidence of concussion.

Overall Impression

However, all in all the M11 performed well with respect to adequate airflow/venting over the course of my testing. Although the Easton Stealth S17 provided better venting, I found the M11 more comfortable overall and easier to adjust with respect to the sizing of the helmet. The ProFit fit sizing system allows a ‘no-tool’ adjustment that really does eliminate pressure points found with other helmets.

Some retail stores have yet to stock the M11 helmet and a few have expressed that they still don’t think it passes the ‘mirror test’.

In my opinion the helmet provides great comfort and has addressed the venting issues as well as the ‘bulkiness’ issues of the previous generation – Cascade CHX. The M11 has also met all of the standards for HECC and CSA certifications and is now compatible with the major manufacturers of cages and shields.

The style is a matter of personal choice, but I’d say that with 15 different colors available and the option of choosing different colored vents, it deserves to be on your list when you make your next helmet purchase.

The Cascade M11 Helmet is currently available at Total for around $120.00.

You can also learn more about the features at the Messier Project website.


7 Comments on "Cascade M11 Helmet Review"

  1. MessierProject (The Messier Project) on Mon, 26th Oct 2009 10:38 am 

    Twitter Comment

    Tyler from @NHLdigest reviews the M11… Check it out [link to post]

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  2. Steve Janjic on Tue, 27th Oct 2009 3:58 pm 

    My son plays for the warwick wildcats bantam A team and suffered a level 3 concussion two weeks ago. He has not yet been cleared to go back to school nor play hockey. I have been reading up on the M11 helmet and just wanted some feed back.
    Is it the best on the market at this point in regards to protection.

    Steve J.

  3. Al Valdes on Thu, 26th Nov 2009 9:35 am 

    My son plays for the Southeastern CT Seahawks bantam A team and he also suffered a concussion about 2 weeks ago. He has not been cleared to play or practice by the neurologist. I’m also interested in feed back about the M11 helmet and how it protects players from concussions.


    Al V.

  4. austin harrington on Fri, 25th Dec 2009 6:27 pm 

    i got one of these helmets about a week ago. they are a very comfortable an sturdy helmet. i got hit into the boards head first due to my lack of height and i didnt suffer any concussion or even get a little bit dazed. this helmet really is superb when it comes to head injuries. the only thing i can say about it so far thats negative is the snaps on the cage break easily.


  5. Dave B on Mon, 11th Jan 2010 2:33 pm 

    My son is a B1 Bantam defenseman playing in Minnesota where it is very competitive and can get rough. This last weekend in a tournament game he literally got hit with an uppercut that lifted him off of his feet and dropped him on his head / back. (Yes, a penalty was called). We had purchased the M11 Helmet a few weeks ago and I am so very, very thankful that we spent the extra money and got the best. Yes, he ‘got his bell rung’ but I believe (but can’t prove) that it would have been a concussion without the M11. The M11 has inserts for his school colors so it looks cool, it fits fine, and it does the job I ask as a parent – protect my kid best as you can!

  6. Jeremy T on Tue, 2nd Feb 2010 2:10 am 

    I just wrote my blog on this. This is amazing technology that Messier came up with. I think this will change the game and Drastically cut down on concussions. I only wish this was made during Lindros and Messiers playing days. I wonder now if the NHL will consider masks/cages for the helmets. I think it is safe to say we all have seen or experienced some injuries to the face.


  7. janna on Sat, 26th Nov 2011 7:44 pm 

    My daughter is a freshman and plays on Stillwater Minnesota Girls Varsity team and was tripped in practice and fell back on her head and she suffered a concussion last Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the helmet broke. The tightening mechanism doesn’t work anymore.

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