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November 29, 2010 by Tyler  
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I have spent quite some time talking about cool hockey collectibles including my favorite autograph and my favorite hockey card, but I haven’t yet talked about one of my most favorite items that graced the walls of my childhood bedroom…the hockey posters!

If you have a “hockey shrine” in your house like I do, then you will certainly have some decorative hockey photographs or posters. If you don’t, I suggest checking out the NHL Posters at All to find a huge selection of reasonably priced posters.

Framed Hockey Prints

They have a huge selection of regular photos and poster prints, but I was most impressed with the selection and style of the Framed NHL Prints available.

Here is one of my favorite examples of the framed NHL memorabilia available.

U.S. Champion Hockey Team, c.1980
Buy The 1980 U.S. Champion Framed Hockey Print Here

NHL Player Posters

Every hockey player, at least when they were young, had posters of their favorite players over their bed – I know I did. All Posters also has a vast selection of current NHL Player posters in various sizes, like this cool one of Sidney Crosby.

Sidney Crosby -

Buy This Sidney Crosby Poster

If you would like to search a poster of your favorite player, just type the name in the search box below to see samples of the posters available – it’s that easy!

Search For Hockey Posters!

There you have it hockey fans! I hope that you find that perfect poster you were looking for to complete your own hockey shrine!

Authentic NHL Jersey Customization

May 24, 2010 by Tyler  
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Like many of you, I love my hockey jerseys and the more authentic the jersey, the better! So, when I got my Team Canada Olympic Jersey I was excited to get it customized.

Having purchased several jerseys that had already been customized, as well as being duped into buying a fake NHL jersey, I have become increasingly attentive to detail and the importance of quality and authenticity.

Being fairly active on Twitter and Facebook, many NHL Digest readers were able to chime in with some things to watch out for as well. Several readers had mentioned that the NHL Shop was now pressing numbers and letters on instead of using stitched tackle twill. While it seemed odd that the official NHL store would lack authentic customization, I decided to dig into it a little more.

What I found out from reading several hockey message boards is that what people were telling me on twitter appeared to be true.  But, according to the NHL Shop, there are different levels of customization depending on what jersey is purchased. If you don’t feel like clicking the above link, it basically indicates if you don’t purchase the most expensive jersey, you get screen printed numbers when you order customization.

After speaking with a couple of jersey retailers , I also learned that there are  about half a dozen NHLPA certified outlets to get NHL jerseys authentically customized. If you have a jersey already, or are wanting to buy a new one and get it customized, this what you should be looking for.

What Exactly Should We Be Looking For?

  • Authentic hand-sewn customization with official ‘Z-stitch” – no screen printing or glue.
  • Official pro twill materials used on actual the NHL jerseys.
  • Officially licensed, authentic NHL fonts for all numbers and lettering.
  • NHLPA licensed customization. Required for all truly authentic jerseys that bear names of NHL players.
  • Precision cutting & accuracy to ensure all names and numbers are specifically cut and placed in the correct location on the jersey.
  • Authentic customization as worn on-ice by the player, which is especially important with third and vintage jerseys that do not feature the numbering or font of the current jersey.

After discussing my request with the folks at Cool , a division of Silver Crystal Sports, I decided to send my jersey to their Toronto factory for customization.  And, I also asked them if they would be so kind as to take some video of the customization process so that I could share it with you on NHL Digest.

I sincerely hope that this makes you feel more confident and comfortable with the jersey customization process. I know that authentic NHL jerseys are expensive and the last thing any hockey fan wants is to have their jersey ruined with poor customization.

If you have any jersey tips, bad experiences with customization, or being duped with fake NHL jerseys please tell your story in the comments. Hopefully, we can all help each other to avoid getting ripped off!

If you’re in the market for a new jersey or jersey customization and you found this article useful, please consider using the NHL Digest Store powered by Cool Thanks in advance.

NHL Hats

May 1, 2010 by Tyler  
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Ever since Reebok started supporting the NHL, the style of hockey hats has become increasingly better.  As far as apparel goes, NHL hats and t-shirts are the most popular affordable items for hockey fans. Even though hats are not as easily customized as t-shirts are, they are often more consistent with respect to sizing. Although fitted hats are more popular, buying an adjustable hat solves all size related problems.

Other than Reebok, several other hat manufacturers, such as New Era and their 59Fifty line, Zephyr Graphics and 47 Brand have licensed NHL hats in production.  Most local sporting goods stores carry some of the Reebok hats, but they often don’t have the largest selection.  Stores specializing in sports apparel tend to have a larger selection and, of course, there are online outlets like and that have great selection as well. Some of the most popular hats are featured below.

Most Popular NHL Hats

The following is a list of the most popular NHL team hats by search volume:

1.)    Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins Official Team Flex Fit Slouch Hat
Boston Bruins Official Flex Fit Slouch Hat
Price: $17.99

2.)    Pittsburgh Penguins
Reebok Pittsburgh Penguins Secondary Structured Stretch Fit Hat
Reebok Pittsburgh Penguins Stretch Fit Hat
Price: $17.97

3.)   Buffalo Sabres

Reebok Buffalo Sabres Official Team Slouch Stretch Fit Hat
Reebok Buffalo Sabres Official Stretch Fit Hat
Price: $17.97

Although I was somewhat surprised at the popularity of the Sabres hats, I was not surprised at the other two teams. Especially given the fact that the Bruins and Flyers had a special winter classic knit hats this year.

In addition, just like the vintage jerseys, there has been an increase in the popularity of vintage NHL hats.  Not only has there been an increase in retro hats for the existing NHL teams, but some non-existent teams from the past, like the Hartford Whalers, are still popular with hat wearing NHL fans.

As an NHL fan, do you wear a hat to top off your t-shirt or jersey when you attend games, or is a hat something you wear when you can’t wear your jersey?  Or, both?

Customized NHL T-Shirts

March 19, 2010 by Tyler  
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Montreal Canadiens Maurice *Rocket* Richard Vintage NHL Alumni T-Shirt

Click T-Shirt For Best Price

Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby NHL Player Name & Number T-Shirt (Black)

Click T-Shirt For Best Price

A hockey T-shirt is one of the easiest and affordable ways that hockey fans can show his or her support to their favorite team.

Just recently, I asked the NHL Digest Twitter followers what piece of apparel they were most likely to buy to support their favorite NHL team.  Very overwhelmingly, the response what a T-shirt featuring their favorite team’s logo.

The T-shirt is a classic way to support your favorite team, and obviously much cheaper than a jersey.  In fact, over the last couple of seasons, I’ve noticed more and more T-shirts with player names and numbers on the back – just like a jersey.

Buying A Hockey T-Shirt

Not surprisingly, the NHL shop has a huge selection of pre-printed  featuring current and vintage teams and players, like the Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins T-shirt and the Maurice Richard Montreal Canadiens T-shirt.  However, what is really cool is that they also have a tool allowing you to design your own customized hockey T-shirt!

The NHL Player Name & Number Reebok  T-shirts feature:

  • 100% Cotton team colored t-shirt
  • Team logo screened to front chest
  • Player name and number screen printed in puff print on back
  • Screen printed stitching effect on numbers to give it an authentic sewn look, just like a jersey.

Another cool fact about the Vintage NHL T-shirts is that a portion of all T-shirts is donated to the NHL Alumni Fund.  If you’re anything like me, you think the old time hockey guys deserve every penny. Especially since the average player didn’t make anywhere near what players make today – even adjusted for inflation.

I think I’ll head over and get myself a customized Mats Naslund #26 Montreal Canadiens T-shirt!

Get Your Customized NHL T-shirt!

Click Here: NHL Shop Custom T-Shirt

Hockey T-Shirt Design Contest

May 19, 2009 by Tyler  
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hockey-t-shirt-logoThere is really nothing better than a great T-shirt for a hockey fan to show your love for the team or the sport in general.

NHL Digest is looking for great slogans and designs for T-shirts and we have teamed up with to launch a contest for the best hockey T-shirt design.


The contest is easy.  Submit your slogan or a link to your T-shirt design in the comments before Midnight (EST) Friday May 22, 2009 for your chance to win one of two T-shirts featuring your design from

The winners will be judged by the NHL Digest and Hockey T-Shirt panel in thier sole discretion.


  1. Nudity of any kind is prohibited
  2. Profanity is forbidden
  3. Creativity is required
  4. Humor is always appreciated

There you have it folks…let the creative juices flow!

The Hockey Autograph Story

December 12, 2008 by Tyler  
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Mats Naslund Hockey AutographA few days ago I wrote the story of my favorite hockey card. I thought it only fitting to follow that up with the story of how I received my first and favorite autograph.

It was about 4:30 PM and I remember it like yesterday; the wind was chilling me to the bone. I was standing outside the players entrance to the Winnipeg Arena waiting for the Montreal Canadiens’ bus to arrive.

I had waited for this day for months This was the day I would finally get my favorite player’s autograph. I can remember how excited I was, a seven year old boy, with his dad standing behind him as the bus pulled up.

There were a bunch of other autograph hounds around me, but I couldn’t hear them or see them. In my mind, I could only see one thing…my first autograph!

As the bus pulled closer I could smell the familiar Diesel fuel exhaust as it floated through the frigid Manitoba air. I was starting to get nervous; I had never asked for an autograph before. What should I say? I know they have probably heard it a thousand times before, but today was my first.

As the bus pulled to a stop I could feel my heart starting to race and a lump growing in my throat as I tried to swallow.

It was time.

The players filed off the bus one by one and I watched, looking for my chance as they passed by. There they were, Larry Robinson, Patrick Roy, Bob Gainey, Stephane Richer, Chris Chelios, Guy Carbonneau, Bobby Smith, Claude Lemieux and I waited quietly as they made their way past the autograph seekers and into the arena.

I finally saw my target and, with a small shove from Dad, moved forward to greet him. I said “excuse me sir…Mr. Naslund, may I please have your autograph?”

I don’t remember him saying anything, he just reached out and grabbed my notepad and pen. As he signed, I stood there like a statue as if I had been literally frozen in that moment. I couldn’t muster any more than a “thank-you” as he passed the pen and paper back to me, but there it was…the autograph.

I still have the autograph in my box of Montreal collectibles today and it is still my favorite one.

Do you have a favorite autograph?

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