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May 11, 2008 by Tyler  
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CCM U+ Hockey StickThe CCM Vector U+ Stick is the follow-up to the highly touted CCM U+ Skates and the latest release from the research and design team at CCM. The CCM U+ is the most well balanced composite stick ever produced by the company and features a host of innovative features.

Blade Construction

The newly designed carbon blade is very rigid and yet super light, which makes for an extremely great feel for the puck. The shaft features a 24” taper that increases the ability to “load” energy into the stick, while the hollowpoint system energy transfer sends energy to the player’s hands for increased control.
This technology is what most players are interested in and is identifiable by the partially hollowed out heel of the blade that is colored in white.


It will be interesting to note how the hollow affects the durability of the stick over the long-term. This technology will lead to just as many, if not more, questions about durability than the holes in the shaft of the RBK 9K O-Tech.

Shaft Features

The shaft also features a new contour that is shaped like the letter “C”. This contour is ergonomically correct, providing better comfort and enhanced stick control. The carbon fibre composite shaft construction is balanced for performance and durability, including a 360 degree woven wrap to increase strength and durability.

Although the CCM U+ stick is lighter and more durable than their previous models, Mission’s use of titanium in their new Ti-Pro stick allows it great durability at under 420 grams.

The CCM U+ stick is also available in a Grip version for those of you who prefer more control. It will ultimately come down to personal preference when comparing CCM U+ Grip to the likes of the Warrior Kronik Nipple Grip or the Vapor XXXX stick.

Where To Buy The CCM U+ Stick

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28 Comments on "CCM U+ Hockey Stick"

  1. z on Sun, 11th May 2008 8:48 pm 

    can anyone comment on the durability of the stick???

  2. SAM on Tue, 27th May 2008 10:15 am 

    I”ve seen the stick its not that good of a stick so don”t get it

  3. D on Mon, 9th Jun 2008 7:10 pm 

    Best stick I have ever used, both in terms of performance and durability for such a lightweight stick. The hollow of the heel is now filled with a dampening material for both improved durability and feel. I have no complains on the stick at all. Btw it also measured at a lower weight than any of the competitors stick I’ve seen.

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  5. jesse on Tue, 26th Aug 2008 2:01 pm 

    v10 catapult is a better twig

  6. Vinnie on Tue, 23rd Sep 2008 3:23 pm 

    First game I had this stick it broke right above the blade, and it was just a weak wrist shot. and on top of that, I play inline so the puck weight of the puck pretty much had nothing to do with it. Stiff flex, not so stiff anymore.

  7. Goon16 on Mon, 27th Oct 2008 11:40 pm 

    Hello i’ve broken two brand new CCM U+ sticks each stick 2 shots into the warmup… i am not happy at all. This is after breaking my brand new Reebok 9K0 stick 10 minutes into my game last week. Reebok upgraded me to the new CCM U+ for my troubles with the 9K0. This is the worst stick i’ve ever bought… back to the good old reliable Bauer Vapour :)

  8. nick on Sat, 15th Nov 2008 12:30 pm 

    Great stick I Love it but the hollow heel is a bit weak i got one and the heel broke off in 2 games. the crack started at the heel. but never the less great stick

  9. jesse on Mon, 8th Dec 2008 3:26 pm 

    i was wondering if anyone would recommend this stick ?

  10. Jim on Wed, 24th Dec 2008 1:55 pm 

    The new anatomy version looks sick and apparently Oechkin’s using it this year.

  11. j dogg on Tue, 13th Jan 2009 12:00 am 

    i have a u+ with the thing to cover up the whole in the blade andi have one that doesnt i love the one with it the on without ut seems heavier and a bit more rounded can anyone confirm with me

  12. brandon on Fri, 16th Jan 2009 12:01 pm 

    it is a very good stick
    great performance
    i use the recchi curve
    the only negative about the stick is that the toe gets beat up easy so you might want to put tape over it

  13. Vince on Thu, 22nd Jan 2009 7:32 pm 

    This is a pretty good stick. Ovie was using it towards the beginning of the season, but then he switched to the NBH One 95.

  14. andrew Leggett on Wed, 28th Jan 2009 9:16 pm 

    i bought one with the grip and i loved it and just at the end of my 30 day warranty the blade split right down the middle and made it so that the blade could twist and turn resulting in flutter pucks and almost any shot or pass. i took it in and they gave me a new one and i got one game and one rec hockey game out of it and it did the same thing i’m in the process of of trying to get something out of this warranty stick.

  15. JTH on Sun, 1st Feb 2009 4:05 pm 

    WOW, INCREDIBLE stick, completely changed my sons game (10 years old) can now rip hard wristers form the blue line and puck is under much more control than old CCM vector and Reebok sticks. Worth every penny BUT the U+ BROKE at about thirty-two days and I am wondering if CCM will step up to warranty this?
    Love the stick but durability is in question.

    If CCM stand behind it then I will stay a fan – if not they better be ready for a rash of web postings on every possible site about their reliability.

  16. Tony on Wed, 4th Feb 2009 5:15 am 

    Best stick I ever had….until it broke.
    Had it for about 1 month ago and in normal practice tried doing a one timer and it just snapped in the middle. No warranty since it was bought 38 days ago. Kinda bummed out…

  17. Trapper on Thu, 5th Feb 2009 4:28 pm 

    Loved it until it BROKE right at the U+ label on the shaft.
    One day past warranty and CCM would not honor warranty.

    Don’t buy this stick.

  18. JTH on Thu, 5th Feb 2009 4:31 pm 

    Contacted CCM customer service said they would NOT replace this stick whcih broke at the 32nd day (but was only used about 12 hours). Broke right at the U+ label on teh shaft also.

    Steer clear of this stick and CCM due to their not standing behind their product.

  19. hockey man on Sat, 7th Feb 2009 11:13 am 

    warrior is the best stick

  20. matt stoddart on Sun, 29th Mar 2009 3:31 pm 

    this stick is the best stick i’ve ever used!!!! i notised i scored more and my passes were more sharp! i sugest you buy one of these two!

  21. Mason czaikowski on Tue, 5th May 2009 2:33 pm 

    I have had the U+ for a while now and i really like how strong it is. for how light it is. All of my passes and shoots seem a lot better. It is a great stick.

  22. Kirk on Sun, 26th Jul 2009 10:14 pm 

    Although this stick is very light, in comparison to what else is in the market. I have to say that the shot is great, there is a low kick point, so everything rises – wrists. snaps and slap shots all come off the blade quickly,smoothly and rise at a good rate. The feel of the puck while stick handling is good, versus some one pieces that have a tingy feel, and or bounce off the ice at times. All this said. It lasted two games, and snapped at the 6 – 12 inch mark above the blade. CCM replaced the stick in 3 weeks no less. All was well – however it broke again, same area again after 2 games. From a player who played Junior and College hockey that is now playing men’s league I need more durability and longevity on a purchase such as this.

  23. abdar sukmycok on Thu, 3rd Sep 2009 1:36 pm 

    it is a very good stick but also pooey

  24. Snipes on Sat, 5th Sep 2009 10:27 pm 

    should I get this the SE16 or a one 95 stick um?? Pleez tell me i really want to know!!!!!!!

  25. mason on Fri, 16th Oct 2009 10:57 pm 

    The u+ breaks pretty easy. but it is very light.

  26. Carson on Fri, 15th Jan 2010 1:56 pm 

    This is a good stick for forwards, if you are a d-man, dont buy it. Gives you a nice wrist shot though.

  27. kapanen on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 10:19 am 

    I bought this anatomy version few weeks ago after my later ccm u+ cracked from the middle of blade. I really like this stick, it’s all i need! It’s mid flex is just made for me and it’s superlight. Stick has also really good puck-touch and stick handling is easy. I have got the 19 model blade which is good, but i would like to have little bit more curve. It’s great for saucers and wristers, but wouldnt recommed this to defence men who likes to take slapshots. Very good for wingers and snipers.

    After 3 weeks this anatomy version started cracking from the heel towards the tip of the blade. So i sent it to warranty and i’m getting a new one to it’s place. Hope it will last little bit longer, becaude in the end this stick is awesome but it’s only problem is weak durability. Looks are also pretty unique and i kinda like ‘em.

  28. kbpapsin on Thu, 16th Dec 2010 10:27 pm 

    I got the CCM U+ hockey stick for my son who is in high school. The blade cracked after two weeks. We sent it back to CCM and they replaced it. The replacement stick broke after 3 weeks. The shaft cracked in half! And CCM won’t replace it – “no warranty for the replacement stick”. So, now we are out the $200. we won’t buy another CCM stick. They don’t stand behind their product and the quality is poor. We’ll go back to Easton…

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