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April 28, 2007 by Tyler  
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GrafIt has been a while since I posted a skate review and I have been getting a lot of requests to take a look at the Graf Ultra G70 model.

The Graf G70 has been likened to the new Bauer Vapor XXXX as far as a top-end skate goes, but that is where the similarity ends. Graf tends to be recognized as one of the most comfortable skates on the market, but has had problems with their suspect customer service in the past.

The new Graf G70 is a very attractive and, by all accounts, very comfortable skate that performs well for most players. Graf is very excited about their XP-3 Technology that consists of:

Ultra light composite upper material XP-3 combines high protection and durability. The Air-Net liner offers high comfort and short drying out. The new tongue distinguish oneself by anatomical fit and high protection. Comfortable anatomical footbed. Professional Outfit.

  • ULTRALITE5000 blades
  • removable Stainless runner
  • assembled with RMS-System
  • For those of you in the market for RBK 9K Pump, CCM Vector V10, Bauer One90 or Vapor XXXX skates, you should have a look at the Graf Ultra G70 or another model of Graf Skates from Hockey


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    1. josh on Wed, 9th May 2007 6:35 pm 

      they look kinda ugly

    2. tommy on Thu, 21st Jun 2007 11:48 am 

      i hate graf. period.

    3. matt on Sun, 7th Oct 2007 12:59 pm 

      Def the best skate out….it may not be as flashy as the XXXX or Rbk but quality is far greater than anything out. G70 w/ tuuks:best combo in hockey!

    4. dakarcz on Mon, 26th Nov 2007 10:42 am 

      Hi I’m looking for these great skates with tuuk blades, any hint ? Idealy black-withe shoes and white tuuks ;-)


    5. hinten on Tue, 15th Jan 2008 4:17 pm 

      Little hint, Graf has his own holder type, you got to change tuuk blades and holders somewhere. Tuuk’s usually added only in bauers automatically…

    6. matt on Sun, 10th Feb 2008 5:26 pm 

      the end of the skate cramps yout toe too much. trust me

    7. Tom on Fri, 22nd Feb 2008 5:58 pm 

      In canada you can find them with tuuks on already, the nice thing is they are the easiest holder to change, they use screws instead of rivets on the graf’s. The thing is be Careful when buying. Each model number is for a different foot type, (high arches, medium arches, narrow heels) and other variations. They are by far the nost comfortable skates when you buy the right model!!! RBK,CCM, Bauer all use a generic type foot pattern. GRAF has a perfect skate for YOUR foot!! If your toes were cramped too much you were wearing the wrong model thats all. They are the closest thing you can get to custom skates, unless you order from Bauer or CCM a year ahead of time.

    8. Blade-Tek on Sat, 22nd Mar 2008 1:22 am 

      The Graf 5000 and the 3000 blades are an excellent steel runner. I sharpen skates full time, they are just the right alloy, very easy to get and maintain a fine edge.
      Tuuks are OK as well, however why anybody would actually go to the expence to downgrade to Tuuk from the Graf is beyond me.

    9. billy on Wed, 26th Mar 2008 12:32 pm 

      I have graf g5′s and they are the best skate i’ve ever had

    10. matthew on Tue, 1st Apr 2008 7:32 pm 

      How do you size the grafs? width, instep?

    11. matt on Mon, 13th Oct 2008 9:43 am 

      thanks tom

    12. chad gardiner on Wed, 19th Nov 2008 10:52 pm 

      i have g35s sickest skate i ever put on, so comfy and lighter then any skate on the market including the supreme 195s

    13. Chris on Sat, 29th Nov 2008 4:30 pm 

      The graf skates dont work well with all players what so ever. I tried a pair on and your foot feels light its and an angle and it hurts your tows and it sucks for skating backwards durable heavy get nike bauer skates

    14. josh on Sat, 27th Dec 2008 1:34 am 

      To Tommy. How can you hate Graf skates? They are the highest quality skates that are basically pro stock grade in a retail skate. I love my 704s. Best skate ever made besides Daoust 501. These skates are pretty good looking. But I would stick with the 735s when my 704s give out.

    15. jamie on Mon, 19th Jan 2009 12:18 pm 

      i bought some ultra g5 grafs…they didn’t feel good at all, but then i went a few steps down and got the 605′s they are the most comfortable boot ever. YOu just have to find something that fits… Grafs are ugly but feel good on the feet and they are not going to make anyone faster. so if you suck in your skates you have now…it does not mean you will become an elite player with new skates

    16. chris sheehan on Fri, 6th Feb 2009 1:06 am 

      for the price graf skates, do they last long?

    17. MC on Fri, 6th Feb 2009 11:08 am 

      Bought the G5 and had the tendon guard crack within two months of use. They tried to fix them at the store – stitched with heavy duty thread. This did not work so they sent them back to Calgary. Was told it should only take about a week. It has been almost two weeks and Warranty/Customer Service will not return the stores calls. I am told byt the store this in not unusual.

      I am currently without skates and have no word on when I will get them back. As I am one of few Referees in the area this is difficult on both me financially and the league as they have to pay out of town referees to come in.

      I like buying North American made products but NOT if the quality and service are poor. This is my third pair of Grafs and likely my last.

    18. Player on Fri, 6th Mar 2009 12:29 am 

      I won’t ever buy anything other than Graf again. I had mine custom fit at the store as i have a flat and wider feet and other boots were too narrow.
      I’ve had my 703′s for 11 years, first couple of years playing 7-10 times a week. They busted a runner after 10 years, so i’d say they last a long time. Although i have heard the new tuuk runners arent as good as the old, i am planning on new Graf’s this year.

    19. Alan Sheppard on Sat, 18th Apr 2009 9:21 pm 

      I am 5’6″ & 140 lbs and have a size 5 Graf Supra new the first of this season – Fall 08. I have had the worst experience with these skates that I lost most of the year. First, it took me two games to find out one holder was on so bad that I could not skate. I thought I had them to sharp until a team-mate said my holder was way off center. Sure enough and the skates went back & received a new pair. I still tripped and feel on my ass so much it was if I was drinking. I have had the radius (cut) lessened to a 3 and the toe and heel taperd so I would not catch all the time, but they still did not feel any good. Out of Using the about 30 time instead of playing my usual 60 I have only had about 5 game where I could say I played mediocre. I want a new pair of skates, but not Graf – so much hype about Graf, mine are terrible. I am starting to wonder if the one of the holders is still not slightly off. Anybody want to offer a suggestion, I am literally the laugh of the team, always flat on my back on the ice. Alan

    20. Alan Sheppard on Sun, 19th Apr 2009 8:09 am 

      Where did my comment of April 18th.09- last night- go!? I spoke about my lousy Supras and I should have said Ultras other than that my comment was I do not like the skates and have lost half a season of hockey and a multitude of smashing my tailbone and back on the ice out of shear falling by myself. The first indication was two games into the season when I found out that one holder was so off centre it required a new pair of skates, but I just can not get used to them. Contoured, front and back edges off still I a all over the ice on my ass. I would rather go back to my Flyweight Missions, but they don’t make blades for them any more. I don’t even feel like playing hockey anymore!

      Alan Sheppard

    21. Terry Keenan on Mon, 20th Apr 2009 9:03 pm 

      Alan, sounds like you work for another skate company.
      If you hate them so much, just get new skates. Why would you go out and continue to play if you can’t even stand up in them? They may have been defective – that will happen with any brand, even the best.
      I love Graf, but if you want bang for the buck, I have heard from a shop owner that Torspo is a good way to go. They’re closing them out in a lot of places right now. I saw they’re high-end for something like 200. And they have been used in Europe for some time if you have never heard of them.

    22. Asheppard Sheppard on Tue, 21st Apr 2009 9:33 pm 

      Terry, I thought one post was lost thus the second.

      Yea, I should promote CCM or XXX, but was told by many that Graf was the way to go. The Graf website led you believe that a perfect fit would be achieved. For Pros maybe, but the normal folk they get what is in stock.

      My guy that knows I can skate and said I must have a skate problem originally indicated to me the last time I had them sharpened by him that one of the holders is still out a bit. I have been unable to get out of him yet just what he meant, just how much does it affect skating. Still within the one year warranty.

      At pre game I used to skate backwards around the center circle for practice, now I ca not hold my balance. Are they too stiff, but I had Mission 7-5 stiffnes before.

      I am upset, don’t know if I should contour more, next thing there will be no blade left.

      Thanks for listening.


    23. Colin Shaw on Thu, 23rd Apr 2009 5:54 pm 

      I have Graf 709′s. I have had them for 6 years and plan on getting the G70′s this summer. Before my 709 I had 705′s for 5 years. I have never had a skate last this long. As long as you take care of the skate the skate will be durable. If you leave skates in the bag they rust regardless of the brand name. Take care of graf’s and they last forever. The only thing with my 709′s is the cosmetics. The black outer layer has worn off the sides a little, but it still hasn’t comprimised the integrity of the support in the boot. Same with the 707′s. The G series has a different outer layer which prevents this wear from occurring. I have a high arch which is why I have 709′s and why I plan to get G70′s. Speak with a rep and they can tailor to your foot shape. The only brand that can pull this off. GRAF IS BEST!

    24. Clay on Mon, 27th Apr 2009 2:05 pm 

      Just bought a pair of graf 709′s about a month ago. I shop and research any big purchases I make. I tried on all brands of skates no matter the price trying to find the best fit, and although there were some nice looking,and light skates out there, nothing would fit my foot perfectly, always a small pressure point or two. Even when I was trying on other Graf models. When an experienced fitter looked at my foot ( wide at front, narrower heel, and extremely tall instep) he brought out the 709 for me to try, they fit every weird contour of my foot. I dont think a custom made skate could fit any better. Then they add a custom heat fit insole, which supports my high arch. I can wear these things around the house 24/7, they are that comfortable. ON top of all this they have you stand on only one foot at a time and ask you to keep your balance…. hard to do at first but they move the holder around on the boot until you can stand on one foot all afternoon long. I have skated and played hockey since I was 6 yrs old and I have never skated better with so much agility and balance as I do now. (I’m old now). These skates are bullitproof and very stiff, yet they promote a long stride with no ankle bite and I have never had any symptoms relating to breaking them in (blisters, pinching, numbness ect)

    25. Mike G on Thu, 30th Apr 2009 1:45 pm 

      I have Graf 703 that are 12 years old now. They are absolutely the best skate you can buy. Im finally breaking down and buying a new pair soon. Not because I have to. But because the newer one’s are even more comfortable and light weight. If you need a new skate buy Graf. Just dont buy the ugly white ones.

    26. Game Seven on Fri, 1st May 2009 7:12 pm 

      I have Graf 703′s. Best skate I have ever had. For me all I care about is that Skates are comfortable. I don’t believe people here that say they are a ‘better’ skater because of Graf’s. Either you can skate, or not. They just feel better. It won’t change your stride or any of that. Just get a skate that fits you and is comfortable. The rest is up to you.

    27. Peter on Wed, 6th May 2009 12:28 pm 

      I’ve been a CCM Super Tacks guy my entire life. Had my last pair for 12 years. The new CCM’s aren’t the same (maker or fit) so I went with Bauer XXV’s. Still can’t get used to the fit or feel (I’ve had pitch adjusted, etc). A teammate said he skated with CCM his whole life and his Graf’s are the closest fit to the old CCM. Can anyone else attest to this, or offer their opinion on the closest thing to the old CCM’s?


    28. Alan Sheppard on Thu, 7th May 2009 7:58 pm 


      I was a CCM guy myself, 15 years ago was my last purchase, but it was because I thought I would try Bauer. I always liked the Tack. What occurred has been re-occurring. The Bauers were awful! It took me with a straight edge ruler to convince a major sports store that one holder was off perpendicular by about 5 degrees in the front. Place the stainless ruler on the blade near the front & it was way off by the time it reached the top end of the tongue. I was falling a lot & this I became aware of within 5 or 10 games. With the evidence in front of them they agreed there was a problem & I decided to go back to the Tack a newer 651 I believe – top end back then. These skates were great, but as bad luck would have it 6 or 7 years later I noticed a problem with my Tacks. I was falling again, more & more. Again I took a look at the blade/holders and one was off the perpendicular significantly in the front. This time it was the nylon sole or whatever it was made of had warped. They were fixed for two years by shimming the low spot and the skates were finally back to the way they were – great. I had the blades and holders changed before this a number of times, yet no one picked this sole problem up, at least in the worst stages. So that summer I bought Mission Flyweights, but never liked them and that brings me to my story above with new Graf Ultras with crooked holders from the start and replaced Again, as above you would expect Graf would give me a perfect skate, really checked over. I just finished hockey May 2.09 and again as noted above I still had problems with my replaced Grafs, so I thought or was it me! After my last few games I had the feeling that my right skate did not feel good. I try the ruler trick again and see that my right skate and holder is off, towards the rear about 3 or 4 degrees and is noticeable when you understand what to look for. Now, they are still under Graf’s one year warranty and I am seeing the dealer this week end. So you see, if you are not a Pro or not watchful, you never know what you get. Looking back I can’t believe what I went through off and on over that 15 years. This year was a complete write off. I may have played 5 games that I had a bit of fun otherwise it was hell. I just don’t think any of the manufacturer’s bother to make sure the skates are of an acceptable standard 100% of the time so you take your chances. After getting a second set of Grafs, I thought there would be no way in the world that I would still be having to look at a manufacturer’s defect problem. I wonder how many of us are out there, trying to play hockey on skates that are not made to acceptable standards. I do apologize for my rant, but I am really upset. Now to fight with the dealer is the next step, but Graf again – I just don’t know!!!!!!!!!

      Alan Sheppard

    29. Neil on Mon, 18th May 2009 10:24 pm 

      Bought the Graf G3 skates in December and within 2 months the new improved lace bite proof tongue began to tear. My college season was over in March , so essentially I had got maybe 3 months with them. Brought them in to the dealer where we got them and was told it would be 2-3 weeks for the skates to be returned.
      It is now 3 1/2 weeks and now I am being told that maybe the 1st week of June or so. Huh ? 6 weeks to replace a tongue?
      Calling customer service is next to useless. Never will I buy Graf again.

    30. Alan Sheppard on Wed, 20th May 2009 9:51 pm 

      My rant is above and relates to Graf G3′s.

      I have had had them replaced once because of holders on terribly wrong.

      Now, one of those replacement skates has a warped sole leading to a non perpendicular holder and they will be replaced by Graf – 3rd pair!

      I have asked that they inspect them this time, ha! ha!

      Is there any quality control on any brands anymore?

      Alan Sheppard

    31. Paul in Dartmouth on Thu, 21st May 2009 9:25 am 

      I ordered a pair of G50 size 12 on January 29, 2009 from a local retailer. I was told it would be about the first of April when I could expect them. The reason was a shortage of coulings at the plant in Calgary. The salesman inquired around the first of April and I was told the delivery was now the first of May. It is now May 21st and no word yet on a new delivery date.
      Is anyone else having the same problem?

    32. mikey t on Mon, 25th May 2009 6:11 pm 

      I wore a pair of CCM Super Tacks with the kangaroo leather interiors for just over 20yrs cuz they were so comfortable. Unfortunately all good things come to an end sooner or later so i ended up replacing them with a pr of Graf 705′s because the fit & feel were similar to the S-Tacks for me. My 18yr son always preferred Mission or Bauer but i got him to try my Grafs a couple of years ago and he ended up with an x-wide pair of 705′s that he loves despite the extra weight of them. He’s now looking at a pr of G9′s because he likes the deeper/wider fitting boot. I suspect he will love them too…

      As for Graf’s lousy customer service dept., i’ve heard the same story from my local retailer. You would think that the reports of lousy service would get back to someone higher up the management ladder at Graf and they would do something about it.

    33. Jim on Thu, 28th May 2009 7:56 am 

      Im my humble opinion the best skate of all time has to be the Micron Mega 10-90 Pro. I currently have Graf’s but also have a pair of like new 10-90s that I bring out on special occasions. The 10-90 represents a benchmark in skate design, whioh may including graf and bauer have tried to replicate.

    34. Phil on Thu, 28th May 2009 2:33 pm 

      Wore a pair of 704′s 3 years in high school – on 2 separate teams the last two years – and 1 year of college, and decided to pick up a new pair because they were just getting too beat up. Bought vapor XX’s and had no complaints, vapors felt more agile, but grafs had a quicker first step and much more stable. Blew an edge out at a 3 on 3 tournament in April of 08 with no one around to sharpen them, and had to play 3 games in my old grafs. I haven’t put my vapors back on since. I will never buy another brand of skate if I have the choice.

      The biggest difference between Graf’s and Bauer/CCM is that Graf makes 4-5 elite level skates that each fit a specific foot type, you need to find the right one for you. Bauer has the X60 and the One95, but other then that both Bauer and CCM make different levels of skates that can all fit multiple foot types (for the most part). I think I saw someone else post this, just reiterating…

      Side question; can anyone tell me what the closest “G” series skate is to the 704? Looking to replace them this summer.

    35. m harris on Fri, 5th Jun 2009 8:01 pm 

      I am looking to get a pair of the 704′s. I have a pair of the 703′s. I might have bought them a little too small and a little too narrow. My big toe is pressing against the toe cap. I am not sure if baking is going to help. So I am looking at getting the 704′s. Are the 703′s narrower than the 704′s? Or are they the same?

    36. Derek on Wed, 8th Jul 2009 6:16 am 

      I have skated on Graf Supra G9 with a 3000 blade and just bought the G-70′s with the 5000 blades… I have have had them raidius to the same contour as my old ones but I’m having a problem transisioning to my new skates… has anybody had a problem… did notice the blade sits a 1/4 more forward than my old skates… as my back of my heel and blade is the same distance down /verticle on my old ones thanks

    37. will on Sun, 12th Jul 2009 6:33 pm 

      I bought Graf g70 skates five months ago, and all i have to say is that they terrific skates. It can be alittle challenging at the begining getting used to them because of the forward pitch they have, other than that, i got no complaints.
      I’ve had rbk 5k,ccm vector 10, nike xxxx, adn i would still stick with Graf. Their customer service seems to SUCK, that’s the only downside of graf(northamerica).

    38. Instg8ter on Tue, 21st Jul 2009 11:40 pm 

      I’m with you jim….just got back into hockey after 4 year layoff from shoulder had my 15 year old air 90′s to rely on and was trying on all the new skates…leaning toward the Grafs because i have wide, long foot narrow heel and high arch but as comfortable as the best fitting grafs felt none matched the first skate fit of my microns and i could’nt bring myself to lay down that kind of coin for skates……was talking to an old friend about it and he says he has a pair of 10/90′s he wore once,(he worked at the local pro shop when bauer disolved micron and picked them up cheap or free… he brings them over and gives them to me…..they fit like slippers right out of the box…..three skates and the gell insert mold to your ankle perfectly and the most radius i ever have to put on is +1 because of the arched sole plate and instep so my air 90′s are now racking up miles on my roller blades after 15 years and i have the most kick ass old school skates on the ice…, its ALL about comfort, hockey is painful enough as it is to have to worry about your paws, and in the pro model microns with Tuuk blades the sole plates had holes drilled above the blade bolts so the runners could be changed w/o taking the rivets off the holders……alot to be said for good engineering, read in Bauer website that at one time nearly 70% of nhl players were wearing microns

    39. lucas on Sun, 9th Aug 2009 11:08 pm 

      well i have had grafs since novice and i’m going into first year midget and i need new skates and i was really wondering if rbk 9k pumps would be good or graf G series. i really want 9ks though :(

    40. Peter on Fri, 28th Aug 2009 12:51 pm 

      I have a pair of Graf Ultra G70 Skates 2007/2008 model for sale.
      They are size 9.5 Senior. I tried them a few times and just couldn’t get use to the boot design. If you already like Grafs, then you’re good to go. I’m asking $350USD. Let me know if you’re interested. or 760 613-2323.

    41. james on Mon, 31st Aug 2009 9:47 pm 

      Grafs are very comfortable but the older Micron Mega 10-90 PRO have got them beat by a country mile. Never worn a more comfortable skate and performance with the V2 blades is off the charts.

    42. cindy on Mon, 14th Sep 2009 11:32 am 

      My 12 year old son wants graf skates. He used to skate on Bauer Supreme 50s then changed to the Easton Stealth for the last two years. (The Bauers were too wide).

      He has never had a problem with new skates – never got blisters with either the bauers or the eastons. Often skates without socks.

      He now wants Graf skates. Can someone recommend a model for me? He has a narrow foot. He is a very good skater.


    43. Billy on Wed, 14th Oct 2009 12:32 pm 

      Graf’s are not for everyone. Just because someone told you that they love Graf, does not mean that you are going to. No people have the same feet or same style for that matter. Every company is going to have problems, but it could just be an isolated incident with that particular pair of skates. I have had my pair of Graf 705′s for 10 years, and have only had to change the runners. For some people who can not get used to the Holder, it’s not that they are bad, its that they have a very very aggressive forward pitch that you may not be used to coming for a CCM, Bauer, or other brand. If you weight 150lbs you most likely are not even flexing a G5 or still/extra stiff pair of graf skates. There are a lot of things that go into buying a pair of skates that people do not consider now that they can order skates on the internet. Don’t bash a company based on the fact you’ve skated on a pair of skates 10-15 times and don’t like them. For everyone else that loves Graf much like myself, there is not another company i would ever consider buying from. Graf fits perfectly and keeps my performance top notch.

    44. hug on Mon, 2nd Nov 2009 11:00 pm 

      into my 3rd year with g5s. the most comfortable skate i have ever worn, no break in at all other than to get used to the skates-no pain no blisters. did have a major prob with the blades, thinkig something was wrong with them. i switched to tuuk blades and realized that it was the rocker of the graf blades that had been destroyed. Changed back to theold graf blades\holders, had the rocker reset for a forward and voila they are now perfect. they dry out super fast, are bullet proof more than any other skate i have worn. a little bit boring to look at but now they make them black and white. super expensive though.

    45. colin on Sun, 10th Jan 2010 11:24 pm 

      I have had a pair of Graf 703′s for 3 seasons now. Probably play a 100 plus times a year. I was out of hockey for 7 years so i hadn’t skated for a long time. My second time out the skates were broken in and they have felt great ever since. The only problem i had was with the blades which really sucked. The felt like they were loose all of the time. I had these replaced with speed lights and they have been great ever since.
      I have a flat wide foot which is what a 703 is made for. Graf makes several lines of skates (703,704 etc G3, G5 etc, Each has a different price point but are meant to fit different types of feet. A good sales rep will be able to tell u which skate will fit your foot. Going to upgrade to a G3.

    46. Ilya Korzhov on Mon, 22nd Feb 2010 10:03 am 

      Currently playing hockey on Torspo surge 321 got much more manuevreability and speed then on xxxx I’ve had before.
      Check this one!

    47. Lisa on Sat, 6th Mar 2010 3:18 pm 

      I’ve skated nationally on CCM, Doust, Graf, Bauer, and Kor. You can’t compare a Vapor XXX to a Graf 3, or 5 series. Those are kid/entry level skates. If you’re breaking down your Graf 5 series and you’re a 180 pound individual who skates 7 times a week, don’t be surprised.

      For those of you that don’t like the fit, the different models of Graf in a series i.e., all 700′s – each of the different models are designed from a different mold – for a different kind of foot. Bauer Vapor X, XX, XXX, XXXX all fit the same foot.

      Graf makes the best steel. The edge will hold longer. The runner is also pitched more agressively forward. Bauer boots and runnners require a much more flexed knee stance. If you’re more of an uright skater, the Graf holders will feel more natural. A more forward pitch also will give you more control.

      If you ‘re not sure what your pitch should be, try a pair of used Mission Pitch holders. You can adjust the pitch on those and it will help you get a feel for what feels most natural.

      I was on Grafs when I swtiched to Bauer’s – sponsorship reasons. The Bauer’s were lighter than my Graf 747′s. but I had to switch out the holders. Being able to swap steel during a game is really helpful and I didn’t like that more crouched skating stance the lightspeed holders forced me in to.

      The 700 series Graf skates didn’t dry very fast. I was playing at the nationals and 7 games in, my skates literally dripped with sweat. I didn’t have that issue with the Bauer’s and it’s my understanding thtat the current G series Graf skates address that issue.

      I’m done playing elite hockey and am about to switch back to Graf.

      The high end Graf’s are, in my opinion, the best skates on the market. Make sure you find a store and staff who not only knowns the differences in the models, but carries all the models so you’re able to get a skate that fits right.

      My Vapor XXX’s are great skates, but took me 2 months to make enough adjustments to them so they fit right.

      Skate fit makes all the difference in the world.

      Happy Skating!


    48. Derek on Fri, 28th May 2010 3:40 am 

      Feet are all different. Graf acknowledges this fact and makes many different skates for all different types of feet. This is how it should be done. There is no such thing as a “general” or “regular” or “normal” foot type. I am with Graf all the way.

    49. matt on Tue, 13th Jul 2010 12:51 pm 

      I personally love graf and am very hesitant about using anything else. I still use my 704′s I got my last year of playing juniors……they are 10 years old. Now I do private lessons and recommend graf to parents looking for new skates (depending on the skill level and age of the player). One thing graf is better at is the “rake” or angle of the skate. With an increased rake, your weight is transferred to the ball of your foot better than other skates. While I agree that a skate doesn’t, by itself, make you a better skater, Graf’s increased rake helps with quicker feet, acceleration, and weight transfer…..enabling better performance. Obviously a lot of practice is needed as well.

    50. Scott on Fri, 23rd Jul 2010 6:03 pm 

      Speaking my mind, there’s nothing like Grafs. My son’s skate instructor told me Grafs didn’t work for him; my response is his salesman didn’t work for him. A great hockey player the instructor may be, but he bought a pair off the shelf without guidance. If you skate in the wrong boot for your foot style you have no right to malign the skate. If you’re putting big money down on skates and the salesman don’t check the skate’s bladeholder placement, alignment, center, canting and everything else on you, the customer, you’ve been done a dis-service. I’ve only used one team of reps for skates, the guys are brilliant: Dave and Jim of West Side Skate (in NYC and LI City). Accept no less than superior service for superior skates.

    51. rick on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 8:51 pm 

      i am using graf supra g5′s size 7W and love them. aproblem with sweat and footbed rusting out the rivets was evident and i actually tore the heel completely off on hard cornering after a few years of use. got them “fixed” because the fit and smooth skating they provide me. The blade is i believe 263 and my new graf skates is G70 and is a 6 1/2 W and is 254 is it relevant and will blade length difference greatly affect my ability to change skates? I tried to skate the new G70 and struggled. Still using my broken G5 supra’s until i figure out how to skate on these new skates. any help would be appreciated.

    52. Peter on Wed, 15th Sep 2010 8:16 pm 

      I have flat feet and I find Grafs really painful to wear for a while but then when the pain goes away they are great. I am thinking of buying some Supra 703′s. Any suggestions? Right now I am wearing Vapor 40′s and they don’t hurt at all.

    53. cliff on Mon, 18th Oct 2010 12:42 pm 

      I learned a hard lesson with Graf skates. I had an old pair of tacks which were beaten to death but felt like slippers. I tried every skate under the sun and finally tried on a Graf 705. It felt so incredibly I forked outh the dough and bought them. They ended up being too tight and I ended up with some blisters on my ankle. They never fully broke in but they were so good to skate on I never found another pair of skates I could see switching too.

      The other month I was talking to a knowledgeable skates sales guy who told me that Graf has three designs one for straight heals, moderate heals and deep heals. I tried on the G5′s (deep heels) and it was amazing. It was an unbelievable fit. After trying 40+ different brands and models I hit perfection. The price included a custom modelled foot bed. After the heat moulding of the skates it was incredible. My speed and agility have made a quantum jump on the ice.

      So…..if you are buying Graf talk to a guy who knows what he is doing and ask to see the “fit chart”. It could change your life (atleast your hockey game).

    54. Keith on Sat, 12th Feb 2011 10:15 pm 

      Hey guys,
      I just picked up a pair of Ultra G7′s. I’m not sure if I like them yet, my arch seems to be too high for these skates. I’m thinking about adding the custom foot-beds to take up that gap. I compared these skates to my CCM Vectors and it looks like there is too much room in the arch area vs the vectors. The rest of the skate fits perfectly. Maybe I should swap these out for the G70′s….but those look way too stiff! Anyone else have high arches?

    55. Keith on Tue, 3rd Apr 2012 10:28 pm 

      Update from Last year,
      After skating on the G7′s 2-3 times, I ended up returning them. There was way too much room under the inside arch on these skates, plus the side flaps weaken the strength of the skate.
      I went ahead & try to order the G70′s but Graf stopped production so I was forced to take the new G35. They fit pretty well & I skated on them for the entire year. But I never fell in-love with them.
      Over the weekend I managed to find a clearance pair of G70′s for $300. I bought them & so far, they seem to fit my foot much better than the G35. I’, pretty happy & I haven’t even skated with them yet. I’m planning to swap the entire holders with my G35′s.
      It’s too bad I couldn’t locate a pair of theses skates last year, it would have saved me alot of frustration.

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