Hockey Is Heating Up!

August 29, 2007 by Tyler  
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With the season just around the corner, it prompts us hockey fans to look to the next few months with great anticipation and excitement. Most of us have a favorite team that we are closely watching as the rosters get finalized and the last of the free agents find their way into unfamiliar jerseys.

This past off season brought us some excitement as the new Reebok Jerseys were revealed, a commemorative Canada vs. Russia series was organized and another outdoor NHL game is on the horizon.

On the other hand, some things never seem to change. The Montreal Canadiens still have the dustiest wallet in the league, making next to no free agent acquisitions and will likely miss the playoffs once again.

The Edmonton Oilers made a bold move by making Dustin Penner an offer of 10X his previous salary. I’m beginning to be more and more convinced that the Ducks were not going to sign Penner anyway and that the Oilers over reacted to a quality available player. My theory is that Anaheim made Penner expendable after signing Todd Bertuzzi, a decision that was probably impacted by Penner’s lackluster playoff performance. The Oilers, searching for anything that could help them, made a very generous offer that shocked most everyone in the league.

The league’s hopeful savior, Sidney Crosby, launched a line of clothing this summer that included some pink duds for the ladies…or a brave man. Sid the Kid is also rumored to switch to the new RBK sticks for the upcoming season. Sidney and Pavel Datsyuk are both exciting young stars and could be virtual gold mines for Reebok.

Don Cherry is still the best intermission show in sports and the old guy even tries to keep up with the times. We thought that he would make an excellent blogger and CBC decided to take us up on our challenge and create a Hockey Night in Canada Blog for Coaches Corner. Let’s hope that CBC continues to maintain their internet presence. I think it allows for some great fan interaction with Grapes!

When the NHL tapped the most popular, fan crazy, league in the United States for marketing help last year, I thought that there would be some major changes. The new marketing boss, fresh from the NFL has had some time to get acquainted with the league and I’m hoping that we can expect some more marketing genius.

With each new season there is much to look forward to and this season should be no different.

In order to whet your appetite and get you ready for anything, have a look at this nice picture of the Leaf’s last cup win.

Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey


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