Joe Malone: Most Goals In One NHL Game

January 25, 2010 by Tyler  
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The National Hockey League has seen some fantastic scorers over the years, but none quite as prolific as “Phantom” Joe Malone.

It seems Joe Malone has been in a class by himself, and has remained unmatched, since the early 1900′s.  As the story goes, Joe Malone was a gifted offensive player with tremendous speed and a real nose for the net.

That nose for the net was certainly apparent on January 31, 1920. Malone was playing against Toronto in his last game as a member of the Quebec Bulldogs.  At the age of 30, he managed to score 7 goals in that night’s contest.

Unlike some other single game records, Joe Malone’s 7 goals in a single game was not an anomaly. Far from it.  In fact,  it isn’t even the most goals that Malone had scored in a single game of professional hockey!

In 1912-13, when his Quebec Bulldogs were a member of the NHA, Malone led his team to the Stanley Cup championship.  That season Malone scored an amazing 43 Goals in just 20 Games.  Following that season, in the first game of the Stanley Cup final, Malone scored 9 times! Yes, Joe Malone scored 9 goals in Game 1 of the 1913 Stanley Cup final with his Quebec Bulldogs winning 14-3.

As further evidence of Malone’s scoring prowess, he scored 5 or more goals in a single game 10 times over the course of his career. This includes a 6 goal performance on March 10, 1920 – less than two months following the record 7 goal game.

Malone’s record for most goals in one NHL game has been challenged only by Darryl Sittler’s 6 goal performance on February 7, 1976. Sittler added four assists that night en route to his record for most points scored in a single NHL game.

The most recent attempt at this record was on December 20, 2007 when Minnesota’s Marian Gaborik scored 5 goals against the New York Rangers (the team he now plays for). Before Gaborik’s performance in 2007, no NHL player had scored five goals in a game since 1996.


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