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September 6, 2007 by Tyler  
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Toronto Maple Leafs Reebok Edge JerseyThe Toronto Maple Leafs will honor their tradition with the new Reebok Edge Jersey. Just as the Montreal Canadiens new jersey retained their traditional logo and colors, Toronto has maintained their traditional logo and colors as well.

In fact, Boston’s new jersey and the new jersey of the New York Rangers maintained the traditional styles that have been known throughout the league for decades.

I quite like this version of Toronto’s new jersey and I’m glad they didn’t go with the lettering across the chest like that of Vancouver’s new jersey.

I found it interesting that the traditional horizontal stripe at the bottom of the jersey has been removed. I like the look, but with the blue pants, it makes for a lot of solid blue.

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Toronto Maple Leafs Reebok Edge Jersey


16 Comments on "Leafs New Reebok Jersey"

  1. Sharkfan on Fri, 7th Sep 2007 1:08 pm 

    The vancouver jersey looks bad with the lettering on the chest. Doesn’t the logo already say Toronto on it? Do they need the city on the chest twice?

  2. Nicholas McCowan on Fri, 7th Sep 2007 3:26 pm 

    These new jerseys are the worst idea the NHL has had since the lockout. Congratulations on helping me make the decision not to buy a new Leafs jersey this year. What’s next? Are we going to sign Daniel Marois or Wendel Clark? No no wait… bring back Allan Bester.

  3. Tyler on Fri, 7th Sep 2007 7:17 pm 

    The logo does say Toronto on it, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the “official” Leafs Reebok jersey doesn’t have the TORONTO lettering and also might not have the stripes at the bottom of the jersey!

    Keep in mind that this isn’t the official new Leafs jersey. The official one may be better, but I doubt it. I think Wendel Clark might be a welcomed addition to this season’s Leafs…at least the way they look on paper!

  4. Ramen on Mon, 10th Sep 2007 7:31 pm 

    The Toronto Toronto Maple Leafs we shall be known as. I hope that’s not it.

  5. Lou on Mon, 10th Sep 2007 8:31 pm 

    They stink…. just plain TACKY!!! Let me guess, JFj thought it looks great!….ooh wait maybe the over paid marketing dept. at RBK/CCM thought its great for the game…. stupid a**es!! Meanwhile the new Dallas stars looks AWESOME!!… Leaf fan since I had hair, but i think I’ll buy Dallas instead!

  6. Anonymous on Mon, 10th Sep 2007 11:30 pm 

    Don’t blame JFJ, blame Bettman.

  7. Colin on Tue, 11th Sep 2007 1:29 pm 


  8. kenny on Tue, 11th Sep 2007 8:22 pm 

    easy boys. its OK, but i kinda agree with sharks fan, but i see what they are doing, going for the football, basketball look. i’m confident that if the leafs wanted to make money which they do, they are gonna blow us away. i hope we will see tommorow, i pray to god they make the logo a lil less well…plain.

  9. andrew on Tue, 11th Sep 2007 9:13 pm 

    umm guys if u all look closely u can see the ccm tag in the back part of the jersey if im not mistaken this r new reebok edge jerseys y would a ccm tag be in the jersey if its made by reebok

  10. bertram on Wed, 12th Sep 2007 8:10 am 

    CCM is now “part” of RBK…

  11. Mike on Wed, 12th Sep 2007 5:46 pm 

    Well, this looks pretty silly now, doesn’t it?

  12. Andre on Thu, 13th Sep 2007 11:29 pm 

    these new leaf jerseys look like practice jerseys!!! come on man, if it aint’ broke, don’t fix it

  13. leafer on Mon, 17th Sep 2007 3:29 pm 

    meh…they basically look the same. the only haters should be vancouver fans

  14. leafer69 on Sat, 22nd Sep 2007 10:50 am 

    Bland…very disappointing. Sad to think they will be lifting the Cup (or at least making the playoffs…PLEASE) in their practice jersey’s.

  15. shawn on Sat, 20th Oct 2007 5:34 pm 

    (N) this leafs jersey looks terible i perfer the ’06 ’07 jerseys over these :(

  16. Nigel on Mon, 22nd Oct 2007 7:07 pm 

    i think if the leafs added a thin stripe at the bottom of this jersey where it cuts off, then it would be pretty sick….im glad they got ride of the ass ugly TML patch…i hated that soooo much…but the best jersey in my mind goes 2 the bruins

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