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June 18, 2007 by Tyler  
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With the NHL implementing the new Reebok RBK Edge Jersey for all of the teams in the league next season, it is nice to see what the new uniforms will look like.

Firstly, we saw what the Washington Capitals 2007-2008 uniform look like, along with the Canadiens, Bruins and Red Wings as well as the Edmonton Oilers New Jersey.

Based on the RBK Edge jersey that is used in EA Sports NHL 2008, this is what the Dallas Stars 2007-2008 will look like.
If you want a your own RBK Edge Jersey for this season, you can order your favorite team’s jersey at

Dallas Stars New RBK Edge Jersey


9 Comments on "New Dallas Stars Jersey"

  1. Brian on Mon, 18th Jun 2007 10:32 am 

    I actually don’t mind those jerseys as much as I thought I would, it’s exciting to see every team’s new jersey

  2. Johnny on Tue, 19th Jun 2007 2:10 pm 

    I personally liked the ones they had but these are nice too.

  3. Anthony on Fri, 22nd Jun 2007 12:00 am 

    Sweet A$$ jerseys!! At first I was dreading what they might look like but I can’t wait to buy one

  4. Sam on Wed, 27th Jun 2007 7:14 am 

    My buddies and I thought it was going to be a bull. We were all really hurt about that. I’m so glad that this jersey is a possibility. I agree with Anthony. Can’t wait to buy one too.

  5. hizzy on Fri, 17th Aug 2007 12:10 am 

    the dallas stars uniforms above are from a photoshop challenge from about 6 months ago from a logo/uniform site

  6. steve on Tue, 4th Sep 2007 3:02 pm 

    i think that those new jersey look pretty cool:)

  7. Adam on Sun, 9th Sep 2007 5:21 pm 

    This jersey is pretty cool looking. with the 3 stars on the rib area it reminds me of the good ole North Stars back in the day.

  8. travis on Wed, 19th Sep 2007 11:48 pm 

    those jerseys are @$$ ugly the old ones are 10 times better but the canuck ones are SO COOL.

  9. Nikebauer on Mon, 10th Nov 2008 6:01 pm 

    these jersey pictures arn’t from a fan or contest or whatever, their from the game NHL 08 – 09

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