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March 26, 2007 by Tyler  
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Vapor XXXX Stick | Nike BauerAfter our review of the Vapor XXXX skates, many readers have asked about the arrival of the Vapor XXXX Stick and the Vapor XXXX Gloves.

The Vapor XXXX stick has recently been released to pro players and Eric Cole of the Carolina Hurricanes was one of the first NHL players seen using the stick.

Benefits and Features

Preliminary analysis says that they are good for wrist shots, but people are preferring the Nike Bauer One90 Stick for slapshots. However, this is always a personal preference and most people will enjoy the performance as well as the look of the new Bauer Vapor XXXX Stick.

The Vapor XXXX stick features a long tapered shaft and thinner shaft walls for easier loading and a very quick release. The news Direct Energy Transfer technology allows for great feel of the puck on the blade and more accurate shooting.

Vapor XXXX Stick Design

The walls of the shaft are concave and feature rounded corners that feel more natural when holding the stick. All in all the Vapor XXXX is a well balanced high end hockey stick that measures up to the Stealth S17 and the RBK 9K-O.

Purchase the Vapor XXXX Stick

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129 Comments on "Nike Bauer Vapor XXXX Stick"

  1. Stefon on Wed, 28th Mar 2007 11:29 am 

    this stick is even better looking then my mother. And she is a dime. Woo woo woo for bauer vapor xxxx!!!

  2. lamp lighter on Sun, 1st Apr 2007 7:55 pm 

    i have the XXX and i want the XXXX soooo bad

  3. shane kumar on Tue, 3rd Apr 2007 4:52 pm 

    that stick is nuts but looks to much like the xxx

  4. Dangler#11 on Fri, 6th Apr 2007 12:37 pm 

    I have heard quite a bit about the Vapor XXXX and it’s supposed to cost about $350-$400. I think it’s a waste of money unless you’re rich, or you play pro-level hockey. I’m going to get the Synergy SL in 2 or 3 months, and it is almost as good for only $180.

  5. zack on Sat, 7th Apr 2007 8:59 am 

    i work for nike bauer and the vapor XXXX is about $500 but thats not written in stone

  6. matt on Sat, 7th Apr 2007 1:17 pm 

    are you serious $500 dollars, a stick is not worth that much, ya ok i don’t believe that. i bet its no more than $200 like the rest of the new sticks coming out

  7. Dolomite on Sat, 7th Apr 2007 3:03 pm 

    who needs a $500 hockey stick? i use a warrior pro stock and it is only 375 grams, senior, and it only cost $120 and its probally just as good as a XXXX. looks better too.

  8. ryan the snipe on Mon, 9th Apr 2007 7:39 pm 

    k no sticks compare to the old stealths. i have had it for ever and it is better then any other stick

  9. josh on Wed, 11th Apr 2007 6:45 pm 

    i had a vapor xxx and it broke the 3rd day i used it. If the XXXX is like that, no way i’m paying 500$ for it. I wouldn’t pay more than $200 for a stick anyway.

  10. top shelf on Wed, 11th Apr 2007 8:01 pm 

    I have the synergy 300 no stick can beat that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so ya it the best

  11. top shelf on Thu, 12th Apr 2007 12:01 pm 

    please buckeys all you guys dont know what sticks are what are not the best stick is the crosby sher-wood rm7

  12. hckyplyr on Sat, 14th Apr 2007 10:24 am 

    and what about this Vapor XXXX makes it worth 250% more than the Vapor XXX?

  13. timmmmmmmy on Tue, 17th Apr 2007 10:42 am 

    if cole had a vapor XXX lite custom team colored i couldnt tell the difference from this pic.

  14. JOE on Wed, 18th Apr 2007 5:18 pm 

    Warrior are good but ive gone through too many i might get this next and it will probably on be 200$. Also i will get a jr vapor xxxx

  15. mike on Wed, 18th Apr 2007 8:23 pm 

    what’s the weight??

  16. Steven on Fri, 20th Apr 2007 9:38 pm 

    No body will buy this for $500. Especially when all other companies have new technology being released like the Rbk ‘O Stick’ with holes and Warrior’s Kronik with Spyne technology. As far as I can see this is just another vapor stick with a new paint job to attract people looking for that and not performance. The old easton stealth is a great stick and I agree with ryan the snipe. They are even lighter than the CNT ones and have a more natural round feel rather than the CNT’s boxy shaft. Vapor is overpriced, they will probably have the most expensive skates and sticks with other companies having lighter and better equipment (such as Synergy s15 skates or easton’s sticks, any syergy or stealth is better).

  17. Steven on Fri, 20th Apr 2007 9:42 pm 

    sorry stealth s15 not synergy

  18. nicholas on Sun, 22nd Apr 2007 10:19 am 

    i dont think this stick is custom colored, you cant see XXXX near the nike bauer logo at the top. i also have a vapor XXX and me and my friend cant wait for this stick to come out. i hope its not more than $200, because i dont see wut makes it $500 or so. i’d say around $250, but if you want it, you should wait for the price to drop. i got my vapor XXX lite for only $167 with tax. so even if it starts out at $500, i’d wait for it to drop. also, i’d buy it only if it’s lighter than the vapor XXX, has a low kickpoint, is monocomp, nd is more durable.

  19. Figs on Tue, 24th Apr 2007 6:21 pm 

    Trust me I have seen them and seen the prices for them since I work for a hockey company. They are no where near $500….thats the list price, but the list price for the stealth is like 350. They stick will be going for no more than $250…..come on use your head they are not making a stick that is more than the skates. (Which are about $500)

  20. Andrew on Wed, 25th Apr 2007 3:30 pm 

    what about the vapor xxxxv stick?

  21. carlton on Thu, 26th Apr 2007 8:53 pm 

    i was looking at this stick because i was in the hurricanes locker room on eric coles stick rack and wally tat let me look at it and it is super light and the graphics are nice also.

  22. carlton on Thu, 26th Apr 2007 8:55 pm 

    it will be around $170 he said

  23. bethany #71 on Fri, 27th Apr 2007 11:10 pm 

    the vapor xxxx looks wayy to much like the vapor xxx and im not a big fan of the vapor xxx…..i like my one90 its sick

  24. timothy t # 15 on Tue, 1st May 2007 8:07 pm 

    how do they expect us to buy this thing at $5oo.oo when i can go through a possible three sticks in one month

  25. Hokcye PLaya 44 on Wed, 9th May 2007 11:36 pm 

    when r they comin out?

  26. josh on Fri, 11th May 2007 8:37 pm 

    is there gonna be a vapor xxxx lite stick?

  27. Andrew on Mon, 14th May 2007 10:22 am 

    i got the stick in “Wonderland” at “Brooklyn”.

  28. hplaya on Tue, 22nd May 2007 9:33 am 

    its not 500 dollars its like 230

  29. zach on Thu, 7th Jun 2007 9:36 pm 

    sorry guys but I have to say that the best stick is the bauer endure.I love it.It is so good for slap shots=]durable too(hence the name endure)

  30. tommy on Wed, 13th Jun 2007 7:21 pm 

    i have a vapor xxx lite (2 of them, actually). one team canada red colored and one normal. anywayz, you shouldnt get the vapor xxxx if you dont kno or havent used a vapor xxx. ive heard from my pro shop that the vapor xxxx is just and vapor xxx “repainted” with a different version of n-touch2. i personally would stick with the vapor xxx because its cheap (now adays most it goes for is $180 for senior). the new blade tek on the xxxx is DET (direct energy transfer). if youve heard of the warrior kronik and mac daddy and read their descriptions, you will notice “seamless energy transfer for silky smooth shooting and passing”. thats basically what DET does, but apparently it is also a combo of VDS (mission). anywayz, if the only thing new about the vapor xxxx is DET, then ill wait for them to come out with vapor xxxx shafts and blades, then buy a vapor xxx, cut the balde off, then put in a vapor xxxx one. theres no point in buying a whole stick if the only new thing about it is the blade. i doubt itll b lighter, because extremely light stciks dont preform well in the sense that a stick that is too light doesnt help dampen the vibrations coming up the shaft well enough (if youve used a RBK 7k prolite, youll kno what i mean). i like the vapor xxx’s balance of weight, not too light, not too heavy. bottom line is, the vapor xxxx stick is nothing but a revamped vapor xxx, and if you want one, wait till they make it into a shaft and blade, then buy a vapor xxx (or use one you have), buy a vapor xxxx blade, then make it into a stick. itll last longer (2 piece sticks with a shaft that was originally from a one piece are the strongest sticks, no competition), and youll technically have a vapor xxxx, but witho0ut the price

  31. tommy on Wed, 13th Jun 2007 7:35 pm 

    PS instead of buying a vapor xxx stick and cutting it, they have vapor xxx shafts

    PPS they have cheaper versions of the vapor xxxx (theyre not monocomp construct)
    Vapor XXV
    Vapor XVI
    Vapor XII

  32. kai on Mon, 18th Jun 2007 7:18 am 

    well i hav the XXXX skates and i like them alot more than any other skate, so hopefully i will like the stick too. plus, there will be at least a XXV coming too

  33. Kevin on Mon, 25th Jun 2007 4:21 pm 

    The CCM Vector 10.0 Catapult Is The Best Stick That And The RBK 9KO

  34. dave on Tue, 17th Jul 2007 3:15 pm 

    its only 190 dollars quit the arguing its an amazing stick

  35. andrew101 on Tue, 7th Aug 2007 10:00 am ryan said, tehre is no better stick than the old stealths…i had a stealth grip with the red on teh bottom, and it lasted for a really long time, and i played on 3 different hockey teams about 10 ice sessions a week…i oculd only get it in an 85 flex, and it never snapped and im 180lbs….once u start using hte stick u wont want to stop…my high skool coach bought me another 1 when i broke mine because it was working so well….u cant go wrong with the sticks, performance and durability are both great

  36. bob on Fri, 31st Aug 2007 8:19 pm 

    I’m about to get the xxxx and ive seen it for myself and it really good. I could really feel the puck great

  37. shawn on Mon, 24th Sep 2007 9:34 pm 

    this stick is good, i play for a team that is sponsered by bauer and they let us test out all the new bauer equipment coming out, this year we are testing the one 95 sticks and skates as well as pants

  38. jonathan on Tue, 25th Sep 2007 1:21 pm 

    i got it and been playing wit it its sick a mix between one 90 and 30 lite u get supreme power and mobility i dont have a slap shot so i cant tell you bout that but i have a wrist shot and i dont know if its from the stick but its amazing now best stick ever

  39. Juske on Thu, 27th Sep 2007 2:33 pm 

    i bought that stick and its rly good, costed only 140 euros for me ;]

  40. stevvy on Sun, 30th Sep 2007 6:42 pm 

    its 170, and tommy i bet ur quite the dangler u know all bout the shit thats in the sticks that must make u dangle all over the ice. i look forward to seein u in the nhl someday

  41. Paul on Tue, 2nd Oct 2007 2:15 pm 

    I’m working at a sports store, and the XXXX skates are great.

  42. Tim on Thu, 4th Oct 2007 8:28 pm 

    All you guys talking about RBK and Nikebauer sticks as the best haven’t got a clue. Both companies use air bladder construction instead of the steel mandril construction which Warrior and Easton use. Mandrils provide a nice consistent form to wrap with the carbonfibre, whereas the air bladders tend to bubble and leave uneven inner walls. If you’ve seen any of those sticks crossectioned theres a nice straight innerwall on the easton and warriors, and all the others wobble all the way down/ It’s ridiculous for NB and RBK/CCM to be charging $300 for their top sticks considering they knowingly use an inferior production process (9k/O stick sucks BTW, used it in a trial session and we broke a bunch of them). Easton and Warrior are the two best in the business, but Easton is still my favourite. Too bad they dont make the SL anymore though, loved that stick, but the last one I found some ass chopped in two so I had to send it in on warranty and got an SE. And where are you guys getting Vapor XXX Lites for $167??? I work in hockey retail and they’re still at $250CAD.

  43. jesse on Sat, 6th Oct 2007 12:48 pm 

    a vapor xxxx sr stick is 189.99 american which works out to about 186.25 canadian

  44. rob on Sun, 7th Oct 2007 10:15 pm 

    the vapor xxxx stick comes out november 12 2007 and its 189$ in the us. im not sure what it will be in canada were i live but i bet it will be of simalar cost. its nowere near 500$ so stop dreaming. i have the vapor xxxx skates and there awsome, i can’t wait until i get the stick, not to menchin that the rbk 9k stick looks like its a good competitor with its holes and all. and the vapor xxxx stick may look simalar to the vapor xxx but it still looks awsome! And the skates arn’t 500$ either. in canada their only 399.99 just under 460$ with tax included. (7%gst+7%pst). i hope that helps clear things up, you know, whith all the retards on here and all.

  45. rob on Sun, 7th Oct 2007 10:25 pm 

    ps. tommy, the vapor xxxx stick wont heads over tales more expensive than the vapor xxx. i think the vapor xxx’s price will drop becuase the vapor xxxx stick will be the new most popular item on the market. but in a sence i think that your kinda rite. once a stick is so good it can’t really get much better and having super light sticks is just terrible to shoot with. the only reason i would want it is to creat an image for myself just to brag and intimidate

  46. rob on Mon, 8th Oct 2007 1:41 pm 

    o and tim, why dont u get a clue? the stick is only 170$ not 250$!!!!

  47. Tim on Mon, 8th Oct 2007 2:22 pm 

    LOl Vapor XXXX skates for 399.99. NOT EVEN CLOSE. They’re 699.99, and any retailer selling them for less than that is risking their contract with Nike Bauer. If you spent 399.99 on this year’s vapor skates you didn’t get XXXX’s, you got XXV’s. The only way you can get xxxx’s that cheap is through prodeal which some stores offer their employees. I can’t believe some of the prices you guys throw out here, either you’re all nuts or some goof retailer doesn’t know how to work a calculator when doing markups, but either way there are set prices which come down from all the companies and anyone not following the guidelines can lose their right to sell them (I’ve seen it happen).

  48. michael on Mon, 8th Oct 2007 4:58 pm 

    It looks extremly cool the only thing i’m worried bout is that wat if i buy it and it sucks my fav is easton stealth cnt and old stealth

  49. bob on Tue, 9th Oct 2007 5:21 pm 

    My stick is an Eagle the ligest thing like around at 415g and pretty cheap at 150

  50. michael on Tue, 9th Oct 2007 7:32 pm 

    wats an eagle stick

  51. Devin on Thu, 11th Oct 2007 4:50 pm 

    whoever said they got xxxx skates for 3.99 is full of it cuz NB supplies them at cost for about 420$(retail about 699), and i dont know where u guys are buying your sticks but vapor xxx’s are $220-250 at least. the xxxx stick comes out here in canada for the 15th of october, unless there is some sort of setback but def before november.

  52. superstar68 on Fri, 12th Oct 2007 7:17 pm 

    i got the vapor xxxx yesterday 67 flex cut down to 80 flex for $189.99 most sites that sell them are going for $168-$180 $500 is a big lie!

  53. Tom on Wed, 17th Oct 2007 11:10 am 

    I just bought the vapor XXXX for $200 i was using the warrior macdaddy, there is a differance with the sticks…. macdaddy is great for hard accurate slap shots and is a great all around stick but the feel to the vapor XXXX is remarkable , i had a tough time choosing sticks, i was going to go with the one90 but the taper end just didnt feel right, they say its good for slap shots and the vapor xxxx is good for wrist shots…. stick definatly is a good all around stick, i get harder slap shots with the macdaddy and much much harder wrist and snap shots with the vapor xxxx. Passing with both sticks is extremely smooth but after picking up the XXXX the only way i can describe it is my hands felt like they were cuddling with the stick.

  54. ALEX on Sun, 21st Oct 2007 12:00 am 


  55. Zach on Mon, 22nd Oct 2007 3:31 pm 

    lol ive recently tried this stick out
    and its seriously, its amazing. it’s just about turned me off of easton (except for a 2005 model z-bubble grip witha salming rc-9 blade, my current stick, which is actually one of my favourites ever) sticks its so amazing. ever since ive touched it ive wanted it :(

    but yeah. its pretty great. if you enjoy deking and wrist shots, its definantly for you. and replying to Tom, its supposed to “cuddle” with your hands, the shaft is basically slightly concave, for a more ergonomic feel.
    and you can always just go to the bauer website to find out even more about it.

  56. rob on Tue, 23rd Oct 2007 9:48 pm 

    the stick costs 209.99 in ontario at heads up source for sports with is like 240$ with tax

  57. Nedac on Fri, 26th Oct 2007 10:35 pm 


  58. brendan on Sat, 27th Oct 2007 12:07 am 

    already have it and love it
    best purchase on a hockey stick that i have ever made
    recomend this stick for forwards who wanrt quick release snap shots and wicked accuracy
    get the vapor XXXX

  59. michael on Sun, 28th Oct 2007 9:21 pm 

    I’m getting tomorrow I can’t wait I stickhandled with it at the players bench and i love it I actually can feel the puck like it’s an extension of my fingers. I got to shoot with it to with synthetic ice. Fourty seven mile an hour wrist shot and I’m only 11. I took a slapper and it was fifty four. I like it a lot it is good for amazing dekes on defence. It has an amazing release too. Screw my Stealth…Rock on nikebauer.

  60. ann on Tue, 30th Oct 2007 5:08 pm 

    i got mine the other day and i really like it, only thing is im pretty sure its a little heavier than the xxx and it doesnt have the grip finish that the xxx has but i still love the xxxx its pretty sick

  61. michael on Thu, 1st Nov 2007 7:14 pm 

    I luv it soooooooooooooooooooooooo much i havn’t tried it out on the ice yet because i got it on tues and I haven’t had practice since mondoay I m going to use it tonight i hope i have good passes and good stickhandeling. the stealth is a little bit ligther but i don’t care it is perfect weight for me

  62. jhj on Mon, 5th Nov 2007 5:56 pm 

    i have the bauer vapor 40 skates

  63. dopam1ne on Mon, 12th Nov 2007 10:38 am 

    wow i have a history of breaking sticks.. i had a vapor xxx lite retail stick and it broke at the blade because some genius slashed me.. the problem with bauer vapor xxx lite sticks is that it tapers at a high point so if you wanna cut off the frayed end and put a blade GL with that because you’ll be cutting half your stick off — and dont even bother flipping the stick around it makes you look queer playing with a vapor xxx lite stick up-side down, not to mention flex will be distored. so anyway i bought a 2nd vapor xxx lite PRO RETURN stick and guess what? 3 months in it snapped when i took a slapshot.. so, yes, i wasnt truly satisfied wit bauer so i tried easton (easton Stealth to be particular). i bought this nice easton stealth cnt grip (senior RH Lidstrom) stick, hopeing it will be more durable than the last vapor xxx lite i bought, and HA! IT BROKE IN MY FIRST GAME WITH IT — IN THE THIRD PERIOD.. im talking like 200-300$ sticks here.. luckey i was within the 30day warranty so i exchanged it for a vapor XXXX and i recently tried it out.. coming from a lidstrom pattern to a naslund pattern THERES ALOT OF DIFFERENCE first of all i cant take a slapshot anymore because the curve is horrid, second my wrist shots are all low and fluttery, lastly, the lie of the stick is awkward (lie 6). one thing i LOVE with it is my passes and puck handling are exceptional i can dangle around anyone but as a defenseman i dont see that in the near future. all in all, bauer vapor xxxx lite stick is NOT worth getting if youre switching from an easton because the curves they have for it are crap (naslund = bad, malkin = straight, stall = malkin + deeper lie) so if youre planning to get the vapor XXXX id suggest to wait for pro stocks to come on the scene. if you’re in the market for a stick, because you broke your old one and looking for a durable stick (DO NOT GO WITH EASTON CNT STEALTH!!) check out the vapor XXX Lite pro returns theyre really good. (btw i weigh ~170 5″7′)

  64. Hockey Genius on Tue, 13th Nov 2007 11:11 am 

    Sherwood- RM 9′s with a spezza curve are the best sticks on the market

  65. odle on Tue, 13th Nov 2007 8:32 pm 

    xxx lite is the best stick they put out

  66. odle on Tue, 13th Nov 2007 8:33 pm 

    xxx lite is the best stick nike bauer put out, no stick is worth 500 dollars

  67. michael on Fri, 16th Nov 2007 2:37 pm 

    dopam1ne I had a stealth too I never broke it but then again I probably smaller than you. like how you were saying suckey shots in all. I think it is amazing it takes at least 2 ice sessions to get used to it if you came off a stealth. but anyways I’ve got it I use a malkin curve lie 4 and I came off a forsberg lie5. the curves on the blade are practacly the same but the malkin has a slight larger curve than forsberg and the lies are different. Personally I like smaller curves otherwise I’ll launch way over the cage. The most rmarkable things about it are:
    smooth passes
    hard accurate shots(as you get used to it)
    really easy to dangle
    great feel for the puck
    I’ve never used a lidstrom but going on to a naslund big curve not a good idea if you are used to straight curves

  68. forrest on Sat, 17th Nov 2007 9:59 pm 

    I got my Vapor XXXX at $70 dollars and wondering where i can get a blade for it

  69. Goodie9119 on Mon, 19th Nov 2007 11:32 pm 

    ok i need an answer im a defense pretty big not fat but tall but i dont take slapshots and im looking for a fast and quick snapshot and a really fast wrist shot should i either get the nike bauer xxxx or Easton Synergy SE Grip fucking sick well both of them are but having troubles deciding give me some advice :P Thnxx

  70. dopam1ne on Mon, 26th Nov 2007 8:52 pm 

    well first of all, consider durability. if youre going to get an easton, think about how long it’ll last you, because if you’re big, chances are you can put a good amount of weight behind your shot. second, check up on your curves, and your most preferable curve.

    if you’re looking for a durable stick bauer vapor xxxx is probably the best you can get. but you need to remember if you take a bauer, youre limited to the type of curves they have to offer.

    if youd rather have a good curve, then go with easton, because they have a LOT of decent curves (in senior). for a defense, a Lidstrom curve will guarantee a fast high-rising shot while a gaborik curve is like a fishhook (good wrist shots)

    There are also some pro stock/return sticks which are pretty good at a cheap price, check those out if you can.

    in response to Michael’s post, ya the stealth is just a weak stick. i personally think the vapor xxxx is a piece of crap with a big price tag, and especially now playing with a Naslund curve.. with the stealth, you can “feel” the flex in the stick, even when you’re recieving a pass, that’s how good the energy transfer is. the senior (uncut) is pretty whippy at 100 flex the only reason i’d prefer a vapor xxxx over any easton product is because its durable. its lasted me this far.

    im actually intrested in getting a Malkin or a Stall curve for a second vapor XXXX stick, because im getting it at almost half price. let me know how those patterns are ;)

  71. gabe on Wed, 28th Nov 2007 6:48 pm 

    how are the curves compared to the iginila jr curve for eason sticks

  72. gabe on Wed, 28th Nov 2007 6:48 pm 

    how does the iginla curve compare to the vaporxxx curves

  73. Mark21 on Tue, 4th Dec 2007 7:45 pm 

    the kovalchuk curve is the best around got two of a xxxx stick its ok but the warriors are much better

  74. Jared on Tue, 4th Dec 2007 8:35 pm 

    Ok theres two really good sticks out there right now the Easton S17 and the Nike Bauer XXXX but which one to buy????

  75. michael on Wed, 5th Dec 2007 2:32 pm 

    Man i’m having a tough time choosing sticks the easton sl or vapor xxxx?
    the xxxx is a good stick to me but the sl is just more feel, harder accurate shots, and smoth passes anddangles dopam1ne said that easton sucks in durabilty the vapor good but i think the sl is a better stick
    what should I use???????

  76. dopam1ne on Sat, 8th Dec 2007 7:26 am 

    depends how aggressive your style of play is. ideally, the synergy SL is a stick build for forwards. theeastons have a really nice feel to the puck but the bauer’s are sweet if you’re a big defenseman looking to dig the puck out of corners and poke check because it can take a lot damage and show minimal signs of wear-and-tear.

    btw im gon

  77. ryan on Sun, 9th Dec 2007 6:17 pm 

    michael Says:
    December 5th, 2007 at 2:32 pm

    Man i’m having a tough time choosing sticks the easton sl or vapor xxxx?

    I have both of these sticks. My easton is a sakic cruve 100 flex and i get wicked slap shots witg that. The wrist shots arent bad, but you can easily roof the puck with the sakic curve. My vapor xxxx is a naslund curve, I have only used it one, but everyone noticed, its a big attention getter if you know what i mean. The vapor is a lot mkore easier to use considering its shaft design and how soft a touch it has.

  78. zack on Mon, 10th Dec 2007 8:56 pm 

    who ever it was that said they worked for nike bauer and the stick was going to be $500 propably doesnt even work there

  79. dopam1ne on Tue, 11th Dec 2007 10:20 am 

    who’s gonna buy a stick which costs more than a good pair of skates? 500$ for a stick? it probably costs nikebauer like 30$ to make the stick lol mega markup =P

  80. puckplaya on Sun, 16th Dec 2007 8:24 am 

    i love these u can snipe with them

  81. ihaveaxxxx on Tue, 18th Dec 2007 9:01 pm 

    i have the xxxx.(obviously^)
    i haven’t used it yet, but i expected it to be 200-220, i knever believed it would be 500.
    the senior is 200, i use about 75 flex so i get 65 cause i like my sticks really short.
    the 65 flex was only 170.
    so if i had to guess:
    junior: 159.99
    regular(?): 179.99/199.99
    senior: 199.99

  82. Synergy / Warrior Kronick on Wed, 19th Dec 2007 12:54 pm 

    Wow The XXXX Is A Piece Of crap
    If You want a real stick get a warrior kronick its way better looks nicer and its like 80x stronger
    Dont buy the xxxx get a warrior ther good and strong or get a synergy 500 its cheap and its probley better then the xxxx and its only 80$

    Thanks For Reading

  83. Bateman on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 12:04 am 

    Vapor XXXX stick dont get it unless u hate grip because ur hands slip everywhere

  84. dopam1ne on Thu, 27th Dec 2007 9:25 pm 

    no, you have butterfingers

  85. flemer on Mon, 31st Dec 2007 2:57 pm 

    the sticks arn’t 500$ i bought one for 202$

  86. puckplaya #5 on Tue, 1st Jan 2008 10:47 am 

    i jusy got it for christmas and its friggin filthy (lite,fast and acurate shots) but im not sure if i shood’ve got a mac daddy

  87. PeeweeAAA on Tue, 1st Jan 2008 5:02 pm 

    $309 it’s amazing!

  88. dopam1ne on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008 3:46 am 

    still damn good stick!!!

  89. mek on Tue, 8th Jan 2008 5:22 pm 

    hey i had one and it broke cause i got hit with it between me and the boards, but i got another one so its all good. it is one of the best sticks ive ever used and im usually an easton fan. im gonna have to say that the new S17 sticks are better though, sorry to ruin the party with that one. a really good wrist shot stick and they dont break easily at all. the inside of the blade is like solid teflon and they are damn hard to snap.

    great stick overall

  90. Jeremy on Wed, 9th Jan 2008 11:54 am 

    I got the Vapor XXXX stick. Im in love with it! Naslund Curve, Pro Flex. Regarding to what a few of you have said. Your camplaining about how the blade sticks and you cant get a good slapshot off of it. Trust me at the begining of using the Naslund curve i didnt have one either. I had a monster snapper and wrister. You got to just get used to the curve and let it settle in. No offense to everyone, but its not smart to keep jumping from stick company to stick company. BEcause each has a different feel to the blade and shaft.You gota find a selection you feel comfertable using. I’ve only used two campanies in my life. Easton and Bauer. And i loved both of them. I only had one legitament stick break. And it was because it got a slap shot to the shaft. But also the XXX lite and the XXXX are a little different. Like i said my XXX lite was my only legit stick break and the next day i bought a XXXX. Its a small change but i felt that the XXXX felt a little bit smaller in my hands than the XXX lite. I love both sticks and i have a XXX lite as my back-up. But seriously, find a company that you like. Dont keep jumping from stick to stick. Its not good. Thanks for reading

  91. trapmuzik25 on Sat, 12th Jan 2008 6:02 pm 

    Bateman Says:
    December 22nd, 2007 at 12:04 am
    Vapor XXXX stick dont get it unless u hate grip because ur hands slip everywhere

    dopam1ne Says:
    December 27th, 2007 at 9:25 pm
    no, you have butterfingers


  92. Drake on Tue, 22nd Jan 2008 10:00 pm 

    i just looked on hockey monkey and the stikc was 159$. i dont know if its mispriced or was intermidiate.

  93. matt on Sat, 26th Jan 2008 9:23 am 

    this is by far the best stick i ever used.unbelievable wrist shots and snap shots.also PERFECT has ridges on the front of the blade just like the warrior kronik. WAY BEETER THAN ANY OTHER STICK!:D

  94. Matt on Sun, 27th Jan 2008 6:06 pm 

    I think that the bauer xxxx is a waste of money. The best stick is the steath CNT or the old steath they rock

  95. matthew on Wed, 30th Jan 2008 8:47 am 

    the nike bauer xxii is the best (with the green at the bottem) the best u can do every thing with it no problem if u want to get it buy a malkin curve the best

  96. dopam1ne on Sun, 10th Feb 2008 2:06 pm 

    i broke my CNT Stealth Sr and bought a vapor XXXX, the bauer line (even Vapor section) is way more durable than any easton. look at the Easton synergy SL.. they were made to break..

  97. matt on Sun, 10th Feb 2008 6:29 pm 

    xxii vapers r awful!

  98. vapor#1fan on Tue, 12th Feb 2008 3:18 pm 

    the only reason it looks like the vapor 30 is beacause of the top which almost every vapor has.

  99. Matt on Sun, 2nd Mar 2008 12:01 pm 

    I have a XXX lite, and i’ll stick with my vapor sticks until i die, but 2 teammates of mine have an S17 and a XXXX and honestly the S17′s got the XXXX beat by a long shot. I’m not an easton guy at all because i cant play with anything but a lindros curve but just by messin around at practice with both sticks, the S17 has it.

  100. riley on Fri, 7th Mar 2008 7:32 pm 

    i got a nike bauer xxxx shaft for free! beat that

  101. nick on Mon, 31st Mar 2008 10:49 am 

    the vapor xxxx sucks. i had it for a couple of weeks and snapped it. go with the easton s17, great stick

  102. ryry on Sun, 6th Apr 2008 9:57 am 

    i love my vapor xxxx! i have an s17 too, but the vapor xxxx beats it by a longshot

  103. nick on Mon, 5th May 2008 8:14 pm 

    vapor xxxx, good stick. not great. it has good kick, grip, but…doesnt live up to the s17

  104. v.j. on Thu, 8th May 2008 10:26 pm 

    i have the xxxx stick. it has gotten me soo many clutch goals when my team needs em. I looked at the new stick. THE NIKE BAUER XXXX STICK UM. AMAZING!!!! i will definately be gettin the stick um becuase i liked the xxx’s grip

  105. narch's hockey on Sun, 13th Jul 2008 4:41 pm 

    i have a xxx lite and xxxx and they both work great and pretty durable. the new talk on the market is nike bauer is making a one95 sitck. i talked to a guy that works at the shop i go to and he told me some about it.. should be a great stick.

  106. gene on Sat, 25th Oct 2008 9:43 am 

    Pros: Great slap shot and solid wrist shot stick. Cons: due to it’s rigid nature it’s bouncy and difficult for catching passes. Bouncy and out of control for stick handling. Not durable. Blade is fragile prone to breaking especially at the blade tip. I switched to Vapor XXXX. Pros: seems much more durable. Great stick handling stick. Cons: terribaly inacurate and weak slap shot. Semi-weak wrist shot. I’m curious to try Mission Titanium or Warrior Kroniks next. Any suggestions?

  107. gene on Sat, 25th Oct 2008 10:51 am 

    My first comments are regards to the S17 stick. Best shooting stick I’ve used but there is a cost with torsional rigidity and that’s stick handling control.

  108. james on Wed, 5th Nov 2008 9:47 pm 

    yo is there a big difference between 77 flex and 87 flex on a senior one95?

  109. dan on Tue, 11th Nov 2008 8:08 am 

    not much just get the 87 if you like stiffer sticks but it really wont make a big difference

  110. gene on Sat, 15th Nov 2008 3:49 pm 

    There is a definite difference in an 87 and a 77 flex. I use the 87 flex XXXX and tested a 77 flex. The 77 is a lot more whippy great for wrist shots and a lot easier shooting high top shelf. The softer stick cradles on the blade longer in the follow through of your swing and thus is easier to lift. This is true with all sticks. The negative might be some power off your slap shot. It’s all about personal preference and your techinque.

  111. Danny D on Fri, 21st Nov 2008 6:19 pm 

    i want this stick so bad.. i just have a XX and it’s brutal.. im looking for a new stick.. how much are the XXXX in pro hockey life?

  112. mike on Sun, 30th Nov 2008 8:20 am 

    get an s17 or a one95.With the vapor i had great stickhandling because it was skinny, but an absolute horrible shot. I got an s17 and it is the best tick ever. Great hots and great stickhandling.

  113. matt on Sun, 18th Jan 2009 11:28 am 

    this stick is awsome i just got it and i already scored 3 goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tottally recomend it!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Steve on Fri, 13th Feb 2009 11:52 pm 


  115. Quinn on Wed, 25th Feb 2009 9:39 pm 

    LOl no good shot and you blame it on the stick? blame it on yyour mechanics. I own this stick and I like it but I would not recommend it if you have a vapor 30 or better, The only reason i got this stick and used my vapor 30 as a back-up is because i absolutely HATE its grip, my hands got messed on so many slapshots, since i have a very tight grip and don’t like to loosen it up. But the weight, blade, etc is all the same. Price range is about 150-210$ depending on your area, i have seen them for different prices in different stores…but what is really interesting is that on the top of the shaft it tells you what flex it is in different spots…I had not seen that until I got this stick. All-in-all, it is a very good stick, I have a wicked slap shot with it and a decent wrist shot (but I’m defense so I don’t worry way too much about my wristers). I do recommend this stick if your stick is way outdated or you just need a back up or something. I do NOT recommend it if you are looking to upgrade from a Vapor 30 though, because they are basically the same thing besides grip and a couple other small things.

  116. Vince on Wed, 4th Mar 2009 9:10 pm 

    i partly agree with quinn. you can’t blame a stick for having a bad shot. al maccinis shot a puck at 115 mph with a wood. a new stick is nice but when it comes down to it your shot is all you. furthermore i don’t really know which stick is the best….i have tried a vapor XXX, Vapor XXXX, RBK O-stick, Easton S17, Easton SE16, Warrior Kronik, Warrior Dolomyte spyne, mission fuel-ti pro, rbk 7k, CCM V10 and U+ and the NBH One 95. No i don’t own them all…i’m not rich or spoiled or anything..but i play AA and most of us have pretty decent gear. the Vapor XXX is truly different from the XXXX. although they’re both good, the shaft is completely different. but the XXXX gives nice feel and accuracy. the O-stick is actually pretty good though i didn’t like the grip. It isn’t as light as i expected but it has a good release. the S17 is in my opinion the 2nd best stick i’ve ever felt. the shot is like a sling. and it has incredible accuracy. The SE16 is almost as good but it’s not truly just for shooting it is more rounded. The kronik and spyne are very nice. i don’t believe the rumors of how the spyne on a blade for my friend has used a kronik for 2 seasons and it’s still usable. but my fave out of all is the one 95. it has a great shot which is good for everything and it is nice for crisp hard passes.

  117. Guest on Mon, 6th Apr 2009 12:02 pm 

    My uncle just got a XXXX from Ryan O’Bryan(habs) and gave it to me, and im dying to try it out

  118. bill jones on Mon, 20th Apr 2009 4:59 pm 

    i hate the one95 i broke 2 in 2 mounths its a piece of junk
    save your money and dont get it

  119. mase on Wed, 29th Apr 2009 5:37 pm 

    do you mean ryan o byrne?

  120. cody on Wed, 27th May 2009 5:22 pm 

    i have that stick because i went to the stanley cup final and got volchenkov stick. ottawa vs anahiem ooooooooooooooooo ya

  121. Snipes on Wed, 27th May 2009 9:37 pm 

    This stick looks very nice!!!! Im caught up in this or the one95????? either way i’m probably getting one from nikebauerid! (Blue)

  122. Jake on Thu, 28th May 2009 1:28 am 

    Easton stealth s17 is the best stick on the market right now

  123. Snipes on Sat, 30th May 2009 10:19 pm 

    Definatly Vapor XXXX. Its so sick!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. hockeyman on Mon, 1st Jun 2009 1:10 pm 

    im getting the one 95 it looks so much better and these sticks are only good for stick handling …they suck for shooting

  125. Ganz on Sat, 11th Jul 2009 6:08 pm 

    Haha if you guys would of waited i just got 2 XXXX for $119 a piece…

  126. Jake on Sat, 1st Aug 2009 5:01 pm 

    i like the XXXX but i got one and the blade split really easy but im prolly gonna get a one95 to try that out

  127. Ryan on Sat, 15th Aug 2009 7:14 pm 

    the xxxx is one of the worst high end sticks out there theres nothing special about it…. sticking with the one95. have tried both of them out and the one95 gives you so much more power to your shots if your looking for accuracy and take snapshots and wristshots and not many slapshots get the xxxx if u play offense….. get the one95 if your a defenseman more power on every shot and btw there is NO such thing as a true on piece stick which bauer says theyre sticks are.

  128. Kyle on Fri, 28th Aug 2009 9:58 am 

    hey guys i broke my vapor xxxx atthe blade and i was wondering if i couuld put a blade in the but end i wasnt sure because it has a low kick point and didnt know if it would ruin it

  129. Shayne Nicholls on Sat, 7th Jan 2012 1:46 pm 

    The Vapor 40 sucks the bottom of the blade cracked open. The bauer Matrix is way cheaper and more durable

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