RBK 9K O-Tech Mini Stick

August 23, 2007 by Tyler  
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I was at my local hockey shop the other day looking for a the New Reebok 9K O-Tech stick and found this cool Mini-Stick version of the RBK 9K that Pavel Datsyuk uses.

Of course, if you don’t like mini-sticks, you could always try to pick up the world’s largest hockey stick in Duncan, British Columbia!

But, ff you want a great deal on the real RBK 9K stick, I suggest checking out Total Hockey.com

for the best price and selection on new hockey equipment.

RBK 9K Mini Stick


37 Comments on "RBK 9K O-Tech Mini Stick"

  1. Brandon on Tue, 23rd Oct 2007 3:01 pm 

    This stick is awesome !!!!!!

  2. kelly on Tue, 20th Nov 2007 11:38 am 

    Wondering where you found the o stick mini stick? Can’t seem to find it anywhere. Even reebok doesn’t know where to find it.

  3. Julie on Tue, 27th Nov 2007 8:56 am 

    Like Kelly, I, too, am wondering where to find the RBK O-tech mini stick. My son received one after participating in a tournament. I am looking to pick up a few more. Any suggestions?

  4. Julie on Tue, 27th Nov 2007 3:17 pm 

    Hi Kelly,

    Thought I would let you know that I found the RBK 9K O-tech mini sticks online at thehockeyshop.com
    Hope this helps.

  5. Tim on Wed, 16th Jan 2008 6:54 pm 

    Hey guys,
    ive searched far and wide for these babies, and finnaly managed to order 4 of them.
    i love them, and so does the rest of my floor hockey league.

  6. aj on Wed, 23rd Jan 2008 5:12 pm 

    Where did u find them at??? I need to know

  7. Tyler on Wed, 23rd Jan 2008 5:48 pm 

    Hi AJ!
    You can get them on Ebay!

  8. al on Mon, 17th Mar 2008 3:44 pm 

    i cant seem to find any mini sticks online, can i have a list of the names of the sticks you know, and the websites you can get them at?

  9. Sidney on Tue, 25th Mar 2008 12:25 pm 

    I cant find it anywhere???

  10. bert on Sun, 30th Mar 2008 8:59 am 

    any info on the reebox 9k o-tech mini stick where to find ?please help

  11. Ryan on Sun, 30th Mar 2008 2:45 pm 

    i dont no where to find it?

  12. willy on Tue, 1st Apr 2008 2:47 pm 

    i think there’s some on nhl.com. so give it a try

  13. matt on Fri, 4th Apr 2008 7:18 am 

    thehockeyshop.com has them…they have mini vapor xxxx’s too!

  14. zander on Wed, 9th Apr 2008 2:50 pm 

    where do can you get it

  15. anthony on Tue, 17th Jun 2008 3:08 pm 

    total hockey.net but they are out of stock (i think)

  16. bob on Sun, 13th Jul 2008 8:51 pm 

    where can i find a mini o stick? i have found the vapor xxxx mini stick but not the rbk one. i need to know!

  17. zach on Wed, 10th Sep 2008 6:18 pm 

    bob where did u find the vapor xxxx mini stickand where the heck can u find the mini o stick

  18. zach on Wed, 10th Sep 2008 6:19 pm 

    cmon tim please tell me where u ordered 4 of them!!! pleaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssseee

  19. matt on Mon, 13th Oct 2008 9:46 am 

    thehockeyshop.com has a bunch of them

  20. kyle on Sat, 22nd Nov 2008 4:47 pm 

    I want to buy them and cant find any. Where is the best place to look?Thanks

  21. kyle on Sat, 22nd Nov 2008 4:49 pm 

    I want to buy some and cant find any. I looked at hockeyshop.com and got nothing. Where can I find them.

  22. kyle on Sat, 22nd Nov 2008 4:52 pm 

    I found a couple on ebay.

  23. kyle on Sat, 22nd Nov 2008 5:25 pm 

    go to canada’s hersy’s center in tronto it has every thing.

  24. Valerie on Tue, 16th Dec 2008 11:18 am 

    I’ve checked the Hersey Centre Pro Shop and it doesn’t sell them. I can’t find them anywhere.

  25. kaz on Tue, 16th Dec 2008 4:17 pm 

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I want that mini stick… so bad!!!! i cant find on my computer A N Y W H E R E!!!! PLZ HELP H E L P M E!!!!!!

  26. owen on Sun, 21st Dec 2008 4:36 pm 

    I can’t find any of them it sucks, cause all i have are some gay little team canada ones. Some one have decent advice?!?
    The hockey shop has none ebay has one but its $50, thats a rip off! So if anyone has anything e-mail me.

  27. Tim on Thu, 1st Jan 2009 3:27 pm 

    i got 4 mini osticks, and 14 mini vapor XXXXs off of a combo of thehockeyshop, and ebay.
    you just have to dig.

  28. Dave on Fri, 13th Mar 2009 7:37 am 

    How can I purchase an RBK O-Tech mini hockey stick?


  29. Tommy on Sun, 8th Nov 2009 9:44 pm 

    I got one at the Reebok Little Caesers tourny in detroin in 2007. it breaks easy though.

  30. Drew Speckman on Fri, 20th Nov 2009 6:21 pm 

    i found the mini one95 on thehockeyshop.com under merchandise, then under toys, or on the bottom of the front page

  31. frank on Sun, 29th Nov 2009 4:54 pm 

    where can I buy it???

  32. Jake on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 5:15 pm 

    i really need these for christmas!!! And the vapor XXXXs please tell me…i found the mini bauer one95 at the hockeyshop.com but i want the 9k even more

  33. Dick on Tue, 8th Dec 2009 3:33 pm 

    I can’t find this stick so insted I m gettin the nike Bauer one 95 mini stick. It looks like sexy stuff.

  34. Nick on Mon, 14th Dec 2009 4:42 pm 

    I can’t find these anywhere any advice?

  35. Somebody on Fri, 11th Jun 2010 9:24 pm 

    WHERE IS THIS STICK???!!! It’s not on Thehockeyshop.com

  36. mike on Thu, 12th Aug 2010 8:08 pm 

    If any body wants one, i have two mission mini sticks.

  37. will on Thu, 16th Dec 2010 5:44 pm 

    somebody help me find this stick ive checked ebay hockey shop and more is there a website that sells this stick

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