Reebok RBK 9K Pump Skates

February 5, 2007 by Tyler  
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Reebok RBK 9K Pump SkatesAfter writing quite a bit about the new Nike Bauer Vapor XXXX skates, we thought we should provide a little competition and go over the specifications of the Reebok 9K Pump…also known as Sidney’s Skates!

Some of the 2009 model Reebok 9K Pump Features include:

The EPP foam core provides puck impact absorption andthe strategically reinforced core and outer shell provide structural support and stability. Reebok has done their best to provide an out-of-the-box seamless fit that even includes instructions for heat molding your skates for a more custom feel.

  • SkateLock™ – What makes it unique is the locking eyelet below the top 3 eyelets. The locking eyelet allows the top tighter than the bottom or vice versa, offering a more customized feel to the lacing.
  • Of course, even with the ability to lock your laces, a bad tongue or fit will still lead to lace bite problems.  The tongue padding in the 9K is foam, not traditional felt, but lace bite should be kept to a minimum if the skate id properly tightened and fitted.

  • The lightweight full  Carbon outsole  maximizing energy transfer through the boot and delivering a very stiff feel. The interior of the boot is the familiar comfortable Clarino, which many players have come to love and respect for its comfort.
  • The Reebok 9K utilizes the more durable RBK E-Pro holder with Proformance Lite blade that features arches in the top portion of th eblade to reduce weight, while maintaining strength. Of course the E-pro holder still allows the blade to be removed/replaced without detaching the holder from the boot. I find this to be of value as I have had a few runners break from blocking shots and it’s much easier to replace!
    • NOTE: The 2009 RBK 9K Pump ice skate is over 80 grams lighter than the 2007 model.

      Buying the Reebok 9K Skates

      RBK skates generally fit 1 1/2 sizes down from your regular shoe size and are not ideal for those with skinny feet. So, if you have a wide and thick foot, the Reebok 9K may be for you!

      If you are in search of the best price for Reebok 9K skates, check out Total and also get Free shipping!


      63 Comments on "Reebok RBK 9K Pump Skates"

      1. Pens Insider on Mon, 5th Feb 2007 10:15 pm 

        If I could put an Xbox on skates THAT is what it would look like. Lick looking skates, betting their pretty decent given sid the kid wears em’.

      2. Tyler on Tue, 6th Feb 2007 3:10 pm 

        If they’re good enough for Crosby, they are good enough for me!
        I still want to try out the new Nike Bauer Vapor XXXX Skates though.

      3. " » Nike Bauer Vapor XXXX Skates" by National Hockey League Digest on Fri, 9th Feb 2007 4:33 pm 

        [...] For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of the new Nike Bauer Vapor SFL XXXX Skates, they are about to be available. Rumor has it that they be available in June 2007 and will retail at about $699.99 CDN. They look very similar to the Flexlite 12’s with the TUUK Lightspeed 2 and stainless steel blade. The Vapor XXXX’s also feature a full carbon outsole and the patented light weight insta-form ankle pads. Nike Bauer consistently steps up to the plate with innovations in skate design, comfort and performance. Let’s hope that the SFL Vapor XXXX can live up to the legacy that Nike Bauer has set for themselves.  They may have lost some loyal users to the New Reebok RBK 9K Pump Skate. [...]

      4. kevin larsen on Tue, 27th Feb 2007 2:59 pm 

        the 9k pumps suck!! worst skate ever

      5. Tyler on Wed, 7th Mar 2007 11:51 am 

        Can you tell us why you feel that the Reebok 9K pump skates sucks?
        Why shouldn’t someone buy them?

      6. Nike Bauer Vapor XXXX Skates | National Hockey League Digest on Thu, 15th Mar 2007 1:42 pm 

        [...] For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of the new Nike Bauer Vapor SFL XXXX Skates, they are about to be available. Rumor has it that they be available in June 2007 and will retail at about $699.99 CDN. They look very similar to the Flexlite 12’s with the TUUK Lightspeed 2 and stainless steel blade. The Vapor XXXX’s also feature a full carbon outsole and the patented light weight insta-form ankle pads. Nike Bauer consistently steps up to the plate with innovations in skate design, comfort and performance. Let’s hope that the SFL Vapor XXXX can live up to the legacy that Nike Bauer has set for themselves. They may have lost some loyal users to the New Reebok RBK 9K Pump Skate or their own Bauer One90 Skates. [...]

      7. hockey bunny on Thu, 15th Mar 2007 4:52 pm 

        The rbk 9k Pumps are so ugly and the pump always busts. My friend had to return two pair because of that, but they still have good boots and blades…just not the best skates.

      8. pukbunni on Fri, 23rd Mar 2007 8:18 am 

        my boyfriend has a pair of these skates, he has had them for about 6 months now and the blades are really awful they come loose easily and he has had to have new screws ordered for the bolts on the blade, amd the pump has gone on it already! The white version are really ugly! but the black and green look cool, its a shame that they are a waste of money…

      9. Reebok RBK 9K Pump Special Edition | National Hockey League Digest on Sat, 7th Apr 2007 9:36 am 

        [...] After first reviewing the Reebok 9K Pump, the skates that Sidney Crosby wears, people started e-mailing and asking about the White Reebok 9K Pumps. These are the skates that are worn by Ryan Smyth and Alexei Kovalev. Notice Ryan Smyth has the custom blue blade holder for his Pumps! They, along with the CCM V10 Vector Special Edition are basically the same skate as their respective regular models, but are marketed by the company as a “Special Edition” more or less because they are a different color. [...]

      10. Tyler on Tue, 17th Apr 2007 7:01 pm 

        Does anyone know how light in weight these skates are? I am looking to purchase new skates, and I am wondering what kind anyone would recommend. Thanks for you time.

      11. bethany #71 on Fri, 27th Apr 2007 11:12 pm 

        i had the 9k pumps and hated them after 2 weeks so since i work at a hockey store i just returned them haha! getting my vapor xxxx within 2 weeks cant wait….nike bauer makes the best skates in my opinion

      12. Kevin Kiguktak on Thu, 3rd May 2007 11:52 pm 

        Kool skates! If I had those skates I would like to use them everyday.

      13. Kevin Kiguktak on Thu, 3rd May 2007 11:54 pm 

        Tyler’s right!!! why would they suck? I know why, your just jealous of those who has them.

      14. Gerald-lee Clarke on Tue, 29th May 2007 1:02 pm 

        in my opinion……not all skates fits like a glove….it depends on the kind of feet you have… before bying a skate because it’s nice or cool…..ask an expert and you’l all see….

      15. Riely on Sun, 23rd Dec 2007 11:38 am 

        Gerald- Lee Clarkes right just because a skate is the coolest skate dosent mean buy it! Say a skate was in stock for foot size 3,6,7. And your foot is a 4 dosent mean that oh my foots a little bit bigger but the 3 will be ok. Im getting these skates and when i try them out i will tell all of the people who submited.

      16. robin on Sat, 29th Dec 2007 8:27 pm 

        My son wore Grafs…altho they were comfortable..he didn’t like them-he had moved from Vapor 20′s which were the top Vapor model at the time…into the Graf 735′s…Imoved him into a pair of RBK 5′s-but they had bent blades out of the box…so the only model left was a pair of 9K Pumps in a Jr model-they were great skates but the blades bent over time…I replaced the blaces on warranty…two weeks later the blades were bent…was found out the mounts were on both skates were off center causing the blades to bend-the rivets were sheared off…and the skates remounted-with new holders and new blades…again under warranty-my son outgrew them-and I replaced them with a new pair of 9k’s back in March…these boots were fine…no problems at all…and from a comfort perspective…there is no better boot according to my AA son-then the 9K pump…the pump feature fills in any gaps in a minor pewee to bantam aged kid very well…and this is NB as the feet are growing constantly the most durning this time span of age…he finds it way more comfortable then the Grafs..and Grafs are legendary for their comfort so I found this interesting-he is a defenceman and said that when he wore Vapors his legs got tired…becasue of how the pitch of the skate put you on your instep…he said the Grafs made skating effortless-but that the 9k’s were even better-like wearing socks he called it-the fit and comfort and performance levels in the 9k skate are that good.

        He went from a 4.5 to a 6mens and I just ordered a new pair from Hockey Monkey at a $300 saving off of the shelf price in any of the local sporting shops…I wish I could afford a pair of these for myself-not just him…I skate in Vector 3.0′s-also the inner lining of the RBK 9 K dries quickly-feels soft like inner thighs of a young lady-and don’t smell after use the way the Grafs used to.

        Top of the line skate…with top of the line performance-hands down the best skate on the market IMO right now-bar none.

      17. Izy on Sat, 19th Jan 2008 12:02 pm 

        I hate them! you have to pump them everythime you play which is really annoying dont buy them at all!

      18. D.J. on Wed, 20th Feb 2008 10:39 am 

        Izy i say your just really lazy

      19. Kinner on Fri, 29th Feb 2008 7:45 pm 

        The nike bauer XXXX are a horrible skate made really bad fall apart easy and so do the easton S15′s. The Rbk 9k are amazing fit amazing if you have a wider foot but if you have a narrow foot these skates arent for you… you might want to try the Nike/Bauer one90′s

      20. footdoc on Sun, 2nd Mar 2008 4:10 pm 

        The 9k are the best skate I have ever had. I have worn ccm, bauer 5000, vapor X, vapor XXV. even the vapors in EE cramped my foot after baking and punching. The 9k is so snug yet no pressure points or cramping. the pump is just a bonus if you use it or not. great fit and feel for the ice without it. The Quality and finish of the 9k appears to be better than the XXV and X. Time will tell if i have problems with the holders or blades but who cares, they can be replaced and i will still have the great fit. I can not stress how important it is to go to a shop to try all the models on YOUR foot. after the vapor X that i bought on line were never right, I was set on Graf but got XXV’s on line and they did not feel right. finally at a shop getting the XXV baked again i tried on grafs, vectors, XXXX’s and then I put the 9k’s on. WOW…..I thought these don’t even need to be baked……….but i did. like the other guy said….they feel like socks…..super snug no cramps no pressure point socks that skate like a machine. Go to a shop and try every model on. by the time you pay for baking and sharpening the price is not that much different considering you are going to get a fit that you wont regret.

      21. mike on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 3:10 pm 

        - get nike bauer one90s, vapor 40s and one95s. JUST GET EM CUSTOMED!!!!

        - had vapor 40s and broke after a crappy wristshot hit em. Only 2 weeks! So i payed an extra 30 bucks and got them customed and ive had em for 7 months and they arent wearing out! SICK.

      22. mark91 on Sat, 15th Mar 2008 5:30 pm 

        not an extra 30 bucks

      23. JJC on Sun, 16th Mar 2008 10:14 pm 

        Nike Baure One90 is a great skate i just bought them I had the RBK 9K and they werent the skate i was looking for. One90 skate so comfotable and Light great skate i do recemend it

      24. oleg on Fri, 30th May 2008 1:35 am 


      25. Luis on Wed, 3rd Sep 2008 10:10 am 

        I don’t know how so many people could possibly trash what I consider to be the best skate I’ve tried to date. A lot of people I have heard trash them have never even tried tham on and have made blanket assumptions about the durability of the pump.

        I got a set of new Rbk 9k pumps for an incredible price shortly after buying a new set of Nike Bauer One 95s. Yes, the price was that good on the 9ks that I bought them after spending a ton on top of the line Nike Bauers. To keep it short, the Bauers are about to get ebayed and the 9ks are now my league skate going into this winter. No, the pump is NOT a gimmick (a suspicion I shared with many before I owned them). It does exactly what it is supposed to do and that is give an incredible heel lock and remove negative space. While I always use the pump, others I’ve spoken to never use it and still love them.

        Nothing against Bauer, really. The One95 is a well made skate, it’s just that Nike Bauer’s skates, in general, (after owning a set of Vapor XVI ice skates before the One95) have proven to have too much arch support for my flat feet. If you have flat feet, in my opinion the 9k is an amazing choice. The only thing I would suggest replacing on the 9ks is the stock, perforated blades, which are notorious for cracking over time. Replace them with a set of CCM Rocket Runners – which fit with no modification required – and see why after hunders of hours of ice time, I think these are the most comfortable, best performing skate on the market. Fast, comfortable, maneuverable, and flat out awesome.

      26. Robert on Mon, 15th Sep 2008 2:11 pm 

        Thanks for your well articulated review. I’ve a pair of 9K’s that I’m about to take for a skate. It’s a nice shop that allows you to do that in a demo before dropping the cash on something you might not even like!
        I was not even going to try a skate with a pump on it but got talked in to trying it on. Had to say the fit really seemed to work for my foot. I even like the lace lock when I realized it let me keep the fore foot a bit looser than normal and still harden up the tops. Must say I still have some reservation about the pump feature but in the end will go with the fit that seems best.

        Before deciding to try my foot in the 9k, I tried the Bauer XXXX, the One90 and a top end Easton and Graf. As far as just fit and comfort goes the Bauer XXXX was winning until trying the 9K on. The Graf felt amazing sliping it on but all just felt odd: heavy, sloppy. Too bad as they really look like quality skates – a bit old school, like me.

        Looking forward to the skate in the 9k’s.

      27. Luis on Sat, 20th Sep 2008 9:19 am 

        Robert –

        Thanks – I felt the need to quantify what I was talking about because I sense some unsubstantiated Nike Bauer fanboyism coming from some of the one-sentence reviews above. I use a lot of other NB gear, it’s just that as far as skates go, the Rbk 9k – for me – is the surperior product. I’m glad to hear you have a shop near you that lets you skate on some demos before buying. Until very recently, the only actual skate pro shop I had to shop through was 2 hours away. That’s where I bought my 9ks. The guy who runs it is a nice dude, but unfortunately, his small operation doesn’t have a demo-before-you-buy system. It was a gamble in that regard, but I’m glad I went with the 9k. Funny you mentioned Graf – I tried on a pair of them at a big-name sporting good store near me and liked the fit on them as well (can’t remember which model), but like you, they felt way heavy on my foot.

        The lace lock is definitely great. I first tried them on a set of CCM inlines that I bought before the 9ks and loved the flexibility you talked about. I was stoked when I realized that the 9k would has the same system. Being able to keep the forefoot looser keeps my foot from cramping up and keeping the upper tight still gives great ankle support. There’s just so much to love about the 9k, that’s why I can’t fathom all the hate on here.

      28. DMan on Sun, 5th Oct 2008 4:31 am 

        I’ve heard a number of great things about the 9Ks, but the one thing I haven’t seen so far is a solid clarification on their durability. I’m just getting rid of a pair of CCM Tacks that I’ve had for a few years and have been looking at RBK 9Ks. I tried them on and they felt great; I skate pretty low to the ice–a similar skating style as Sidney Crosby–and the RBKs are built perfectly for this stance. But I wanna make sure that I’m buying something that lasts. Especially if I’m going to plunk down $600+ for them.

      29. Luis on Tue, 7th Oct 2008 9:23 pm 

        Dman -

        From a long-term standpoint, I can’t speak to the long-term durability of the 9Ks because I simply haven’t owned them long enough and beat them up enough to do so. However, I can speak to the durability of the pump a bit. Keep in mind that I own a set of last years white SEs, not the black ones pictured above, nor the new (208-2009) ones with the hard nylon side panels. My 9ks showed an air holding issue in the left skate’s pump right away. Recently, I tried on a set of the new 5ks (with hard the nylon side panels) and hey had an air holding issue in the right skate that was also evident right away. This might sound bad, but keep in mind 1) the pump and bladder are a fairly sophisticated gadget for a skate and 2) the pump is not essential to a good fit – it makes a good fit better. Like I said above, I know people who do not use them at all.

        What I’ve concluded with the skates that had problems is that you can spot the issue at the store if there’s something wrong. Put them on, fill them up and keep them on for at least 15 minutes as if you were fitting them after they’ve been baked. The 9ks had a slow leak that surfaced within 10 minutes. The 5ks had a leak that simply would not allow the bladder to completely fill at all. If both pumps pass this test, they will probably not an issue barring something actually puncturing the liner or skate.

      30. Zach27. on Thu, 6th Nov 2008 6:41 pm 

        I have a pair and they fit my feet perfectly. But i have Wide and thick feet. So far i have had no problems and i love them. i had Graf 735′s before and i hated them and all other grafs because of my foot shape. Pumps arnt for everyone but those who like them like them alot

      31. Tony79 on Thu, 27th Nov 2008 7:51 pm 

        I used to wear 1052′s witch were awesome but i wore them out after a few years. Lucky for me i have a friend at RBK and hooked me up with pro stock 9k’s. They by far the most comfortable skate out there, I tried on the new U+ and thought they were really uncomfortable. The 9k’s might not be the lightest skate out there but they make up for it with the comfort.

      32. Rich on Fri, 26th Dec 2008 11:58 pm 

        Just to speak on the pump of the rbk line. I have a pair of 5k’s that are decent. I’ve had them for a year and a half. I have to upgrade because my skating style is too powerful for the lower end skate. But the pump, which I use everytime I’m on the ice, has lasted perfectly. I’m in my skates twice a week. The cheaper 5k’s are breaking down now. But the pump hasn’t been a problem at all. Really adds a nice feel to your heel, locking it in all game.

      33. Derek Hodgson on Mon, 29th Dec 2008 12:18 am 

        Am I the only one having trouble with the new Reebok 9k’s ????.
        They are falling apart. It has been less than one month and the inside of the boot is shredded . The new cut proof material on the tongue has just ripped the the inside material. Reebok has replaced the skates once and the new pair are worse than the first ones. I think the new 9k skates are the lemon of the skate industry. When are the 10K’S coming out?

      34. Stephen J on Mon, 12th Jan 2009 11:38 pm 

        You dont see KEvin responding to the complaints against him anymore. What a tool. Hes jealous because he can’t afford the $525 price of these great skates. I bought a pair today after saving up for a couple of months. I can’t wait to try them out!

      35. Vince on Thu, 22nd Jan 2009 7:37 pm 


        I think these skates a pretty nice. The boot looks strong. The design is pretty cool. But I think the toe should be longer. Also the runner is light, but it’s not very strong. I got a RBK Pro Holder and it broke in the middle area of the blade where the holes are. I like the old CCM Pro-Lite. They are light and very stiff.


      36. Bryan on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 10:41 am 

        I just bought a pair of the 5K’s last weekend and wore them once last night. The right skate would not hold the air and thus my heel wasn’t locked so now I have a nice blister from slipping around. Is it normal to have to continuously pump them after each shift? Or do I have a lemon skate? I had One 90′s and loved them but the boot is so solid and wont flex so my foot took a lot of damage. I have really weird feet too. I haven’t found a single pair of skates that feel good. Not one!!

      37. Vince on Thu, 5th Feb 2009 12:05 am 


        You may want to try tying them tighter. Pumping them each shift isn’t exactly recommended, but if it helps you go for it. Plus if you want a skate for comfort and flexibility try something in the Vapor SFL series or the Mission AG series (agility)

      38. mick evoy on Mon, 23rd Feb 2009 6:43 am 

        should i have my son,s new rbk 9k pump ice hockey skates baked ty mick

      39. zack on Mon, 16th Mar 2009 7:04 pm 

        higher sitting boot allows for good acceleration but i also believe this may lead to the bending of the blades which seems to be a problem. i bent mine within the first 2 months. its an extremely comfortable boot the pump is great at first but after a year of wearing them i’ve found that after a few shifts of hard skating the pump is completely deflated. and ive heard the same thing from several friends. great protection it’d take a bomb of a slapshot for you to even wince but with that protection the sacrifice lightness. its a fairly heavy skate.

      40. Jordan Vining on Tue, 7th Apr 2009 4:40 pm 

        They are lovely, HOW MUCH ARE THEY.
        I need a new pear of skates i got nike ignite hockey skates.
        I know i’ll buy your REBOOK RBK 9K SKATES off you for
        PLEASE REPLY!!!!!
        Yours Faithfully

        Joradn Vining (MR)

      41. KEVIN on Fri, 8th May 2009 7:56 am 

        Purchase a pair of vector ccm U+ skates, destroyed my kids ankle in 12 skates, went back to store where I purchased them. Nothing done, paided over $500.00 for them, they would do nothing. Garbage skates dont buy them. buy the way traded them in for a diferent pair. got a trade in value of $60.00. BUYER BEWARE OF THE CCM U+ HOCKEY SKATES

      42. Damian on Mon, 6th Jul 2009 10:59 pm 

        I just got a pair of these for $190. I got them new but they didnt have the box at Play it again sports. I’ll be writing back in a couple of days–skating them this wed

      43. lucas on Mon, 10th Aug 2009 2:38 pm 

        hey guys! thanks for all the reviews. here is the scenario, ive had grafs my whole life, not a problem need new skates and i think if i triedd something else they would help me reach my skating potential. i have a medium sized foot and i just want to know if i should go with the 9k’s or stay in grafs top line, anyone?

      44. Scott on Mon, 28th Sep 2009 1:54 pm 

        I am writing this to save anyone from the mistake I made purchasing the RBK 9k skates. The worse purchase I have ever made. I used these skate only three times before they completely broke down. I am now unable to return them for a refund and having some trouble getting them replaced. With that said I beg no one to purchase these skates. I previously owned the RBK 5K, and they lasted for four years. I have nothing against RBK but the 9k ice skates are terrible.

      45. blueliner23 on Thu, 15th Oct 2009 2:00 pm 

        I just bought a pair of Bauer X60′s (8D). Initially I wasn’t too sure I’d made a good decision but after 5 skates in them, I love them. I went to these skates after a season in RBK 9K (7.5D) so there was a bit of an adjustment for me to make in the different boot design.
        The X60′s are light, stiff and responsive. Only adjustment I had to make is to not lace the top lace hole so I could flex forward properly. I’ve skinny feet and heels so it can be difficult getting a skate long enough that holds my heel down tight. These skates are doing that very well (after I stopped lacing only to the second lace hole from the top).
        Over all it’s nice to have a skate that seems perfectly mated to my foot during play without giving me any foot pain or pressure points even when I lace them very tight. I hope they hold up well but for now I’m not sure I could be happier, which is critical giving the (*&*%^!! price of them. As an old-timer however I’m hoping they’ll be the last skates I buy.

      46. foofoo82 on Sat, 24th Oct 2009 4:37 pm 

        My daughter wears the 9k and loves them, she is outgrowing them and refuses to give them up even for the same skate. She has skated on them year round for almost 2 years. The pump helped, bought them big and she just pumped them up. The blade does loosen up and needs to be tightened this started after she had been wearing them for over a year. The skate before these were Grafs, She would get blisters during tounaments from them. The skate held up great though. After a season and a half still looked brand new, where as the rbk 9k although she is older and has worn them longer are starting to tear. The pump still works. We will replace them with the same skate.

      47. john d on Mon, 23rd Nov 2009 11:32 pm 

        Ijust bought the 9k and after having hem for a week, i feel so far so good .,.

      48. Macee Wetherill on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 4:08 pm 

        Wow, I got them and now the stupid pump don’t work and they said there is nothing that I could do about it… There goes $380

      49. Daryl on Fri, 11th Dec 2009 10:52 pm 

        Are the X:60′s or the Reebok 9k’s more comfortable? Please reply

      50. Johnathan G on Sat, 16th Jan 2010 12:04 pm 

        I have skated on the 9k one time and they were all right. If i could have it my way i would jump in a old pair of Micron 10-90′s…Now those were a great hockey skate..But the 9k’s will have to do. Cant compare to the vaproxxxx or one90 never skated those but every person is different. Try them on at your local shop and just ware them for a while, the shop should be ok with that.

      51. Dustinslav on Tue, 26th Jan 2010 12:38 pm 

        The 9k pump is easily the comfiest skate I’ve worn. People bitch about durability, and quality of the pump, truth is, you just simply need to take care of them. Try letting the air out, and untying your laces two holes down from the top of the boot, this will make sure that the boot is loose enough that the pump won’t tear. As for boot durability, I’ve had mine (White/Black) for two years, and the boot is a little beat up, but the blades are fine, only problem I’ve had was my spine on my left boot broke, however, that was only because I was not taking care of them properly.

        Awesome skate guys.

      52. Mark on Tue, 9th Feb 2010 12:27 pm 

        I dont know if any of you remember that RBK was combined with CCM back in the mid 90′s, so they sould have worked out the kinks by now. They made a CCM skate with the pump in the tounge and ankle. I had the original ones and loved them for many years with no issues. I now wear Vapor XXXX and like them somewhat. Looking forward to testing out the new RBK 11. I have worn every brand besides GRAF and my advise is to try all skates on. They all vary in design as do our feet. Remember most of us are not getting paid to wear a certain skate so choose what fits best.

      53. Evin on Tue, 2nd Mar 2010 11:17 pm 

        Hey Guys, I am in a real bind here, I work at an ice rink and have talked to the guys at the pro shop but no one knows what to do about my situation. I have been skating for 14 years recreationally but can maneuver and skate fast. I love skating but since i have flat feet it is very uncomfortable for me to skate in skates for more than 30 minutes. I weigh about 130 lbs. 5′-8″ and have a size 8 foot. (measured with foot scale )
        I tried on the rental skates at my rink and the arch was way too high. Some guys say that Nike Bauer’s are for skinny feet and that Reebok’s are for wider feet. I am really flat footed when I step down my feet show no arch they are completely flat.
        I don’t want to spend more than about 200 dollars because I won’t be playing hockey but If I find the right skates I plan on skating about 3 times a week. Baking the skates is not a problem for me i can get it for free. I really want to and enjoy skating but I can’t because my feet kill me after half an hour of skating with the skates. Can you guys please help me? Our pro shop carries Nike Bauer, Graf, Reebok, and i think CCM.

      54. Tim on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 2:01 pm 

        I have had 9K’s for two seasons of D1 varsity HS hockey. The pump broke almost right away (no big deal to me)…but still, if it has a pump, it should WORK! I have replaced the blades three times and most of the rivets on each skate at least twice! Do you think that is normal wear and tear????…I have not seen anyone speak about rivets or tuk replacements.

      55. Baron on Wed, 24th Mar 2010 1:02 pm 

        I have RBK pumps in a size 9. Never had Hockey Skates as I only bought them to skate with my daughter who is taking lessons. I have used them for 5-6 Skates and never baked them. not sure if I will keep them or sell them as I don’t skate anymore. What is a fair price for the skates.

        Thanks for your replys!


      56. tim2 on Fri, 2nd Apr 2010 10:44 am 

        Hey Baron,

        I am actually looking to buy size 9 skates and was leaning towards the 9ks.
        I know because of the release of the new 11k’s the prices on the 9ks will be dropping I know there’s a store that’s selling them for $400 CND.

        A have a question that I’m hoping someone can answer…
        My foot is very bonny, if that’s even a word. What i mean is that you know there are two bones that stick out of the inside of your foot, the top one I believe is the ankle bone… not sure anyways, my bones stick out a lot. I’m currently skating with the old U+ model and skating is actually painful but after dropping 500-600$ i had to keep them by the time I realized it was not working them in that was hurting. I just finished my season and I am looking for new skates, does anyone know of a brand that could fit me properly????

      57. Anthony on Fri, 16th Apr 2010 10:59 pm 

        my 9k pumps just came today in the mail and when I put them on for the first time they felt pretty good. the liner on the inside is really comfortable.havent skated them yet, but ill comment again when i do.

      58. Derek on Mon, 14th Jun 2010 12:02 pm 

        I’ve been playing ice hockey for a few years now, by all means, I’m not a professional or anything close to it. I’m just an amateur player, in his adult years, continuing to play in adult hockey leagues.

        The best skates I have EVER owned to date are the Nike Quest 1s, with Zoom-Air and Foamposite technology. These things were absolutely amazing, they stuck to my ankles with incredible support and the inside was incredibly comfortable, not to mention the power I could get out of these things. Years passed, and wear and tear eventually destroyed my skates to the point that I couldn’t fix them anymore.

        I skated in Bauer Vapor XX’s for half a season and had to let them go because the ankle support just wasn’t the same and I felt wobbly, despite how snug they felt on my feet. I was told to switch to the Supreme/One line, and went for a pair of One70s (couldn’t go for the One90s). Again, after a season, these just didn’t work out, the feeling just wasn’t the same. Finally, the new Flexlite 4.0 was my next skate. I was told by the hockey shop that this was the same mold as the Nike Quest line… again, not the same.

        Like many, I was skeptical of Reebok and the whole pump gimmick, but at my local hockey shop, they were clearing these out for the new 10K and 11K. I just had to try them on, and by far, these are the closest things I’ve ever tried to the Nike Quest line. In fact, these are even BETTER! The Pump feature made the ankle support incredible, and the boot itself is snug. The added bonus of custom fitting from the Pump itself made the boot’s fit even better. The lightweight and new-age materials put my love for the Quest to shame. All I can say is, it’s hard to find the right skate, but these ones did it for me.

        For those looking for skates, I recommend trying many, many pairs on. Think about it like any investment. You don’t just buy it because you like its looks or someone this website likes it. You buy it because it will have benefit to you.

        For the question above, try the RBK 9Ks, they are equivalent or better than the 2010 RBK 8K and will cost you less too (if you can find the size).

        Also note, Reebok skates have narrower toe caps, good for those with narrow feet. I thought I was a D (as I’ve always been with Nike/Bauers), but I was an E in Reeboks.

      59. robin on Wed, 28th Jul 2010 1:44 am 

        Just a followup-wrote a couple of years ago about my then AA son and his affinity for 9k Pumps…that was in07-after he wore Vapor 20′s when they were the new rage and top of the line model for Vapor in 05/06-he skated in Grafs after Vapor and prior to the switch to RBK’s…earlier before the Vapors he skated in Eastons-all models were top of line-elite skates…to this day he will wear nothing but RBK skates-swears by them-plays D in AAA at Bantam now-and his one year old size 8.5 09 9k’s have been thru an entire season of camps/tryouts/regular season and playoffs plus spring hockey-sharpened so many times from use by Xmas 4mths into things we had to replace the blades-went with the Steppe steel high quality mirror finish runners…highly recommend that blade…retains its edges longer and is more durable then a stock replacement and is a great aftermarket blade even if $30 more expensive then stock-I have taken the kid down to try G 35′s….CCM U’s Eason 1200 Prostocks…all being blown out by local outlets-each and every time-he went back to the fit/feel and comfort level of the 9k’s….and when your talking about 80gms this and or that in weight compared to a S19?…its like two tablespoons of sugar were talking about…the balance and feel of the RBK is so superior…it is like he quoted two years ago…like wearing a pair of warm thick cottom socks when you put them butter on popcorn he called it awhile back-from a wear perspective-these things are tanks-compared to just about anything out there-1yr on his present pair and they still could get half of their value on trade in the boot and bladder have held up that good and the kid plays D-blocks shots-battles in front of the net as a D plus the wall-moves the puck-all of it and his puppies he just won’t part with…infact I showed him the new 11ks and he asked to find another pair of 9k’s instead if I could online…when is the last time you heard a 14yr old asking for the old model vs the new?…4mths on my buddy’s kids S17′s by comparison? and they looked 4yrs old already and that was after replacing their nylon cap with hard plastic/rubber covered ones-if a 14yr old playing AAA-in week long boarding camps in summer with 1.5sessions on the ice twice a day-plus 32 game regular seasons…tournaments/playoffs and exhibition games wants these babies cuz their the most comfortable skate in the planet..who’s to argue?…I put my own hand inside the fleshy part of the boot near the ankles and achilles heel area and I swear the RBK inside portion of its 09 skates was as tender and soft as the skin on the small of womans back before it hits her butt-soft as baby’s skin-and exudes comfort right out of the box…and the pitch of the blade and the rocker is perfect for a dman-unlike the Graf which puts you into a forward pitch by comparison.

        The Bauer 190 looks like a pair of ice sandals-even the RBK’s kissing cousin the U-pales by comparison just on the feel test alone.

        One thing worth noting…he wears 9K whites now and has outgrown then…and I cannot locate a 09 8.5D width online to ship to Canada…so we may have to move to the 2010/11 11K-in this model interestingly enough his tastes are to the black model vs the white-saying their is to much white now in the 2010 model with the white RBK log being prominent-and the skate in black has more of a cool factor because of it…I also think for what its worth…the skin on the all black may hold up a little better over the long haul…vs the white leather and by long haul I mean when your not having to buy a new pair of skates every year cuz your kids feet are still growing.

        BTW>..disagree with the previous posters the RBK fits a wider toe-bridge area vs narrow-and my kid is like his old man-with meaty feet to and the RBK are built to fit those thick mongers down there-like they should.

        I will be throwing my old Graf 501′s out and keeping my kids 9k’s for myself and am looking forward to it with great envy and am thankfull my feel are smaller then his and I get to inherit a high end skate a kid who actually lives on the ice…still raves about.

        Hands down the best skate for fit…comfort…balance…feel…protection and performance-ever made-as well as durability and ability to keep a decent appearance on its cosmetics…no debate on this at all.

      60. hunter on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 7:58 pm 

        i just got these skates about two 4 weeks ago, i have been skating everyday for at least 3 hours and i havent got a blister or lace bite, i used to have graphs, there a nice skate and all, but htey werent for me, i have a reaaly wide foot, but in my opinion, these are really good qualty skates

      61. Jason on Wed, 12th Jan 2011 5:11 am 

        does anyone know what you can use to cleanup the outside of the boot on the Reebok 9k, I mean with the old leather skates you can use some black polish or beeswax, etc and they would look like new… is there anything out there to restore the luster to the new boot materials out there?…I was wondering if you can use some thing like the 3m headlight restorer on the boot and buff the surface back eliminating scratches and rub marks. Anyone know of a product or method or doing that without damaging the boot further?

      62. jack on Mon, 17th Jan 2011 10:59 pm 

        i got the 9ks and after about three weeks the blade broke froma week pass!piece of junk? definately!

      63. jack on Mon, 17th Jan 2011 11:00 pm 

        i will never buy reebok skates again!

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