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July 7, 2007 by Tyler  
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Sande Sande Hockey of Mission, British Columbia has  released a new one piece stick called “The Show”.

“The Show” is Sande’s premiere stick and is designed with the demanding circumstances of a National Hockey League game in mind.

Sande’s “The Show” also features their trademarked SNAP technology (Sensory Nerve Adaptive Protocol).  “The Show” is the lightest and most durable stick that they have produced, and according to their claim:

“The Show” is money and you can take it to the bank!

Sande is well known for their gloves, but their sticks have received quite a bit less less attention. If you are in the market for a new one piece stick this off-season, be sure to test out the Sande line of sticks at your local hockey shop and while you are there pick up some Blade Tape and try it out!.

Here are the basic features of the Sande “The Show” Stick:

-What the aim is here, is just that…the AIM. Reinforced corners will not only get you added superior durability, but it will balance your feel for the sticks and your shot. MOST IMPORTANTLY, and absolutely, control the twisting TORSION of your stick when shooting. Your Stick and Blade will not twist away from your target when shooting, thus giving your game an accurate edge, and having confidence in shot. Although, zinging one by the goalie’s ear can be more fun than scoring sometimes.

ULTRA SUPERLITE-Made from high end Carbon Fabric, this 100%, 420Gram, Carbon Fiber stick is feather light, with great balance and feel.

ULTRA LOW KICK- It cannot possibly get any lower.

TRADITION-The shaft is traditionally rectangle, but with slightly rounded corners for feel and stick comfort.

BLADE-Designed not ONLY for puck feel, but supreme durability. With the blade remaining light to the overall feel, the chambers also allow for vibration dampening.

DESIGN-Vibrant colors, tribal tattoos, and a great name. You ever been called up to “the SHOW”

Info and Image: Sande Hockey


2 Comments on "Sande “The Show” Hockey Stick"

  1. tommy on Sat, 25th Aug 2007 12:40 pm 

    its a cool looking stick, but it doesnt really have anything new, except for the reinforced inner corners. that looks neat. but the “ultra low kick?” thats like warrior’s kronik. theres no low kick point that is lower than low, lol. thats just a marketing ploy

  2. Tanner on Tue, 25th Nov 2008 9:12 pm 

    I got one of these stick from a buddy who plays Jr.A they are like stupid nice….its so easy to take a pass and you have really good puck feelis amazing…not to mention the power it gives you slap shot…id advise anyone to pick one up if your looking to light up the leagues this year.

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