Steve Downie Hits Dean McAmmond

September 26, 2007 by Tyler  
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Dean McAmmond suffered a concussion as a result of a viciuous hit at the hands of Steve Downie. Downie, a 20-year old prospect caught McAmmond coming around the back of the net with his head down. However, Downie’s hit was a blatant charge and certainly deserved the match penalty that he received.

After viewing the video footage, it is apparent that Downie definitely left his feet during the body check.

Downie will likely be a little intimidated the next time he faces off against the senators.

“It was a cheap shot. There’s no part in the game for hits like that,” said Senators right-winger Brian McGrattan, who was ejected from the Senators’ 4-2 exhibition victory after he sought justice on the offending Downie. “A guy can’t defend himself and you take a 40-foot run and jump and hit him. Hopefully the league takes a look at it. Those are the hits we don’t want in our game.”

Downie Received a 20 Game suspension for his actions?
Do you think it was worth 20 Games? Give us your opinion in the comments!

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25 Comments on "Steve Downie Hits Dean McAmmond"

  1. TonyH on Wed, 26th Sep 2007 8:47 am 

    I sure hope the NHL sets some examples early. This sort of thing has no place in the game. Now if Downey stays on his skates, I say clean all the way.

  2. Jennifer on Wed, 26th Sep 2007 2:54 pm 

    Where or not dean mcammond was looking at the puck or not, downey’s feet left the ice.Like a two foot jump. It was a bad hit and I think that it should be dealt with properly by the NHL.

  3. Tim on Thu, 27th Sep 2007 2:15 pm 

    It was a dirty hit, straight up, but it was no worse than the Armstrong-Koivu hit last year, just a different result. I have a feeling that the league will come down hard on him, but let’s not forget Armstrong was not punished last year, in fact he didn’t even get a penalty on the play. The league will make an example of him, not only because of the hit, but because of who he is and his past reputation.

  4. Tyler on Thu, 27th Sep 2007 6:46 pm 

    You’re correct about the Armstrong Koivu hit. It was absurd that the league had no punishment for that incident. We do see that the end result (ie. Injury) often determines the severity of the penalty or the suspension. That’s why we see people dive and not get up…pretend to be injured etc. The league’s lack of consistency in situations like these is going to make a joke of the league. If we start seeing guys “crying wolf” just to draw a penalty or suspension, the league is going to loook even more mickey mouse than it already does.

  5. Tim on Fri, 28th Sep 2007 9:50 am 

    Amen brother…..amen……

  6. Rixx on Fri, 28th Sep 2007 12:35 pm 

    I agree with the Armstrong-Koivu hit but the only difference is that Koivu saw Armstrong before he hits him and that’s why he didn’t get hurt so Armstrong didn’t got a penalty. McAmmond never saw Downie coming and Downie hits him knowing that fact and that’s why Downie got a match penalty and felt a bit guilty afterward. I am sure he’ll learn a lot from that mistake…

  7. Hockey News Weekend Edition | Hockey News | NHL Digest on Sat, 29th Sep 2007 2:32 am 

    [...] The National Hockey League has issued its verdict on the Flyers’ Steve Downie. Colin Campbell, the NHL’s executive vice-president and director of hockey operations has suspended Downie for 20-games for this hit on Dean McAmmond. [...]

  8. Bob on Sat, 29th Sep 2007 10:43 am 

    He just put a bullseye on his back.Every team that plays the Flyers will be looking for him.A hit like that isn’t an accident. As for comparing it to the hit on Koivu they are two different hits.You cant suspend a guy every time a hit results in an injury.Not everyone is doing it o hurt the other player.I know it is an old tired argument but this is what you get when you try and eliminate fighting from hockey.You need that to keep the cheap shot artists in check.

  9. Tyler on Sat, 29th Sep 2007 10:55 am 

    I’m with you! We have to keep the fighting in hockey and let the players police themselves.
    We have written about this time and time again on NHL Digest. Here are our thoughts on the subject:

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on those articles if you have a chance to read them.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. bob_in_knoxville on Sat, 29th Sep 2007 12:22 pm 

    Thanks for the welcome.Taking fighting out of hockey is as big a failure as Vegas trying to be family oriented.At least Vegas figured it out and went back to being sin city.Lose the instigator rule and let the guys that get paid to police the ice do so.And that ain’t the refs.

  11. Steve Downie suspended 20 games for hit | on Mon, 1st Oct 2007 9:17 am 

    [...] is out indefinitely with a concussion, and his career is in jeopardy. Downie’s hit was highly criticized, and the organization sent him down to the AHL. This suspension ranks up there among the longest [...]

  12. Lynn on Wed, 3rd Oct 2007 12:39 am 

    I agree that you will never take fighting out of hockey, but what would you feel like if a dirty hit like this put someone you care about in risk of loosing there career. I grew up with the McAmmond family and they are loving caring people. Dean is not just some hockey player he is a dearly loved individual the same as I am sure all other players are. Dirty hits can not be tollerated at any time. Come on the guy left his feet. If someone gets hurt by a clean hit well that risk goes along with the job, but this is stupid.

  13. chad on Wed, 3rd Oct 2007 6:38 am 

    He had his head down, he just got rid of the puck, what did he think was going to happen?? No I don’t think that leaving the ice was right, but he was still going to get smoked no matter what, this is what thses guys train for, its all part of the game.

  14. sam prokopetz on Thu, 4th Oct 2007 11:49 am 

    mc ammond was a pussy, he shoulda had his head up too bad its part of the game. i dont think steve downie deserves sucha harsh penalty because hitting is a part of the game. If mc ammond cant take a hit.then y is he playing in the NHL

  15. Lynn on Thu, 4th Oct 2007 2:40 pm 

    That jerk is known for bad hits, leaving the ice is not part of the game, no one is stupid enough to think they are not going to get hit in hockey but these hits have got to stop. i think anyone making hits like that should be kicked out for good.

  16. sam perkapetz on Fri, 5th Oct 2007 11:52 am 

    i disagree with lynn

  17. Josh morris on Sat, 6th Oct 2007 10:53 am 

    this was a sick hit, doesn’t deserve 20 games..its stupid..the nhl is gay, but steve downie is a hero

  18. tom green on Thu, 11th Oct 2007 9:37 am 

    This hit is not as dirty as everyone makes it out to be, if you watch in the replays downey dose not leave his feet untill he has already made contact with maccomond, also if maccamond would learn how to keep his head up when skating around the net we would not even be commenting on this hit. my view is macamond learn to keep your head up cause if not your gonna get laid out again

  19. Colin Womack on Mon, 15th Oct 2007 8:20 am 

    i completely agree with the punishment that Downie is getting but I also feel that a bigger impact is needed to prove that head hunting and intent to injure will not be a part of hockey. The league needs to crack down on their ruleings more like the pronger elbow in the playoffs last year. that too was a cheap shot. I think that NHL doesnt need to change the intensity level or physical aspects to hockey they just need to be more strict against hospital hits

  20. sam prokopetz on Wed, 17th Oct 2007 11:27 am 

    i disagree with colin , hes ignorant and does not know what he is talking about

  21. Colin Womack on Wed, 24th Oct 2007 8:32 am 

    How do i not know what im talking about? how can you say that pronger only deserved a 1 game suspension for elbowing a player in the back of the head into the glass? you really need to stay up to date with the game or atleast learn whats going on with it

  22. Lynn on Sun, 28th Oct 2007 8:19 pm 

    I have been watching hockey since the days of Bobby Orr, in those days of no helmets, the players were clean. There is always going to be fighting but I think these dirty hits are made by losers and cowards who want to think there tough. If they want to test that why not send them to the UFC instead. I would love to see them try to take on Josh Koshchec, Chuck Ladel, you know real tough guys not some idiot who likes to hit from behind, They’re losers and black mark on hockey. They don’t even qualify as real athletes in my eyes they are pathetic, bet you Bobby Orr would agree

  23. sam prokopetz on Wed, 14th Nov 2007 12:23 pm 

    colin and lynn you guys dont know what you are talkin about…u think that u know hockey but you dont know anything…you guys are extremly ignorant and need to stop watch figure skating. learn the gamee before u talk

    retardeddd people like colin and lynn, please do not post comments in this chat

  24. Steve-o on Wed, 26th Nov 2008 4:12 pm 

    Yea it was a viscious hit but this is hockey not the ballet let them play dont let it be like football where every little hit gets fined we dont want panzy hockey

  25. David Heyman on Tue, 3rd Feb 2009 6:21 am 

    I really accept with Armstrong-Koivu.
    It was really a awesome hit.good stuff.

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