Bauer Vapor X60 Skates

April 6, 2009 by Tyler  
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vapor-x60-skatesBauer has spent the past 80 years researching, testing and building some of the best hockey skates the world has ever seen.

Having said that, it should be no surprise that the engineers at Bauer have pushed the limits of style and comfort with the new Vapor X:60 skate. Even Bauer’s previous skate, the highly touted Vapor XXXX, are not as high-tech of an ice hockey skate as the innovative Vapor X60.

With a renewed emphasis on speed and agility in the National Hockey League, pro players have been pushing manufacturers to respond with a “faster skate” …and at the time of the production, it  didn’t get any faster than the Vapor X:60′s.

For those that like a forward leaning stance, you’ll love the X60′s!  Along with the forward feeling stance, I found the skates very stiff and responsive during agility drills in comparison to the Bauer One95.


A couple of issues that I have with the X60 after several weeks of use are the uncomfortable insole (which can easily be changed) and some wear of the boot around the eyelets. if you purchase the new LE model, they are Black around the eyelets, so the problem of the silver color peeling off should be solved.

The skates continue to offer an especially good fit (as most Bauer skates do) for those with a narrow forefoot. Although the boot is constructed of their tech mesh material instead of texalium or the ALIVE composite material that the top-end Bauer skates are, the boot has remained relatively stiff and responsive.

Bauer X60 Technical Features

  • The newly designed boot features a new tech mesh construction with a thermoformed crosshatched pattern for structural support and superior performance. The patented anatomical heel and ankle support is designed to enhance foot position and the dual-density foam provides comfort and protection throughout the boot.
  • Bauer spent considerable time on the newly designed molded tongue, making it more protective and comfortable than previous models.  The design and lack of comfort of the tongue was one of the main points of criticism of Vapor skates in the past.
  • A full carbon composite outsole, featuring a built in lace bite channel, abrasion resistant material and high-density metatarsal guard round out the features of the exterior of the boot.
  • As usual, Bauer Vapor skates offer a heat moldable boot for a customized fit along with the Tuuk Lightspeed 2 holder and LS2 stainless steel blades.

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Hockey Stick Reviews

October 17, 2007 by Tyler  
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A little while back, we had a request to compile our hockey skate reviews into one article.

That has turned out well and we have received a great deal of feedback from readers saying that they appreciate being able to find what they are looking for by comparing the top models and brands all from one article.

Therefore, we have decided to bring all of our hockey stick reviews into one place as well. We hope that you find this collection of reviews useful.

You can find good deals on these and other hockey sticks at Total

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Bauer Vapor XXXX

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Reebok 9K O Stick

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What to Do With Your Old Sticks

We would also like to remind you that there are great ways to recycle your old hockey sticks.

Nike Bauer Vapor XXXX Stick

March 26, 2007 by Tyler  
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Vapor XXXX Stick | Nike BauerAfter our review of the Vapor XXXX skates, many readers have asked about the arrival of the Vapor XXXX Stick and the Vapor XXXX Gloves.

The Vapor XXXX stick has recently been released to pro players and Eric Cole of the Carolina Hurricanes was one of the first NHL players seen using the stick.

Benefits and Features

Preliminary analysis says that they are good for wrist shots, but people are preferring the Nike Bauer One90 Stick for slapshots. However, this is always a personal preference and most people will enjoy the performance as well as the look of the new Bauer Vapor XXXX Stick.

The Vapor XXXX stick features a long tapered shaft and thinner shaft walls for easier loading and a very quick release. The news Direct Energy Transfer technology allows for great feel of the puck on the blade and more accurate shooting.

Vapor XXXX Stick Design

The walls of the shaft are concave and feature rounded corners that feel more natural when holding the stick. All in all the Vapor XXXX is a well balanced high end hockey stick that measures up to the Stealth S17 and the RBK 9K-O.

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