The Best Body Check Ever

September 13, 2007 by Tyler  
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For those of you who are craving a little “old time hockey”, the following is a video of Larry Robinson’s hit on Gary Dornhoefer in the 1976 Stanley Cup Final.

The hit was proclaimed by broadcaster Bob Miller as the “best body check I have ever seen”.

If you watch the video, there may be some debate as to whether the hit was legal as Robinson did leave the ice during the course of the check.  Watch the video and judge for yourself!

YouTube Preview Image

Apparently it is true that the arena staff were summoned to repair the boards following the body check.

By the way, the Canadiens swept the Flyers  4-0 in the Stanley Cup Final that season! 


7 Comments on "The Best Body Check Ever"

  1. neil on Wed, 12th Sep 2007 9:47 am 

    The best hit ever……anyone remember that junior hit with Corey Sarich? his victim did a full 360 in the air.

  2. Tyler on Wed, 12th Sep 2007 2:08 pm 

    Neil..that’s right! That was a monstrous hit. I can’t seem to find video evidence of it anywhere though. If you can find the video, send it over!

  3. Tim on Wed, 12th Sep 2007 3:49 pm 

    What a hit by Big Bird. He was such a feared player in his era, plus he had great skills as well.

  4. Chris on Thu, 13th Sep 2007 7:54 pm 

    That Robinson hit on Dornhoffer was brutal, although personally I think Darcy Tucker’s hit on Sami Kappinen in the 2004 playoffs is the absolute wickedest check I ever saw…. Sami had no idea where he was or what day it was – he was Batman.

  5. Tyler on Fri, 14th Sep 2007 9:22 am 

    I’m not a huge fan of Tucker…but he can certainly lay the body around!

  6. Chris on Fri, 14th Sep 2007 5:18 pm 

    Oh I am definitely not a Tucker fan at all – but that hit was nasty.

  7. Hansel on Sat, 15th Sep 2007 11:55 am 

    There was an open ice hit that Mike Grier laid on someone in the Beanpot tournament; I don’t remember what year. It was a legal hit, but he turned around and celebrated and the ref promptly sat him in the box for Roughing. The arena went NUTS.

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