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August 24, 2009 by Tyler  
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Montreal Canadiens MagazineOf all the hockey magazine’s available, I have to say that I am quite impressed with “Canadiens”, the official magazine of the Montreal Canadiens. It’s not just because I am a huge Montreal Canadiens fan, but the magazine has a great mix of entertainment, hockey, and personal stories of the Canadiens players, staff and legends.

My Favorite issue of the magazine from 2008 is a great example.

Not only did I find out the three favorite Montreal restaurants that Patrice Brisebois frequents, but also checked out 15 songs on the iPod of Tom Kostopolous (A classic mix of Metallica, Pearl Jam, and Nickleback).

The magazine always has a nice feature article that is several pages in length on the career and life outside of hockey of one current Canadiens player.

In a previous issue, Alexei Kovalev was featured and readers were treated to an inside look at Kovalev outside of hockey. I had previously heard that Kovalev was a licensed pilot, but this article went into greater detail about his flying career, his frequent flights to New York, and the plane that he owns.

Forget the Playoff Beard – Check Out The Mustache!

Bob Gainey MustacheOne of the more humorous articles in the issue, and a favorite topic of mine, is a look back at the best mustaches that have graced the faces of previous Canadiens players.

Larry Robinson received my vote as the former Habs rearguard sported an excellent handlebar style mustache throughout the 1970’s.

Younger Canadiens fans might remember a more recent Captain of the Canadiens, Mike Keane, who sported a beautiful blonde ‘stache as late as 1996!

A great quote comes from the mustache article in the Canadiens magazine:
“Current Canadiens GM, Bob Gainey, wisely left his perm and cookie-duster where they belong – in the ‘70s”

The First Kiss

In honor of Valentine’s Day, several players also remarked on who, where, and how they got their first kiss. I’m not sure what team that Tom Kostopolous played on, but apparently his entire team got kissed at the World Pee-Wee Tournament in Quebec – not too bad if I do say so myself!

Even if you’re not a fan of the Habs, I highly suggest that you take a few minutes to read an issue of Canadiens magazine if you get the chance.


2 Comments on "The Montreal Canadiens Magazine"

  1. Ben on Mon, 24th Aug 2009 9:47 am 

    More propaganda for Canadiens fans. Anything to take your mind off of the ice to see the new, worse Montreal Canadiens.

  2. Tim on Mon, 24th Aug 2009 10:20 am 

    Nice article Tyler. It is a really good publication. There is also Habs TV at the Montreal Canadiens website that has some good stuff on it (players doing various things in the community, etc.). Gotta love BG’s fro and stash.

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