Washington Capitals New Reebok Jerseys?

May 3, 2007 by Tyler  
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This information is directly from the Capitals website and shows the Washington Capitals 2007-2008 uniforms.

These jerseys are based on the new Reebok Edge Uniforms that were tested at the 2007 All-Star Game and will be used by all teams in the NHL next season.

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2007-2008 Washington Capitals Jersey | RBK Edge
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13 Comments on "Washington Capitals New Reebok Jerseys?"

  1. Islanders Army» Blog Archive » ACK! Cover Your Eyes! on Thu, 3rd May 2007 8:19 am 

    [...] National Hockey League Digest a blog dedicated to the latest and greatest equipment in the NHL , has a possible picture of the new Washington Capitals jerseys by Reebok. [...]

  2. gustafsson on Thu, 3rd May 2007 8:20 am 

    This design has been floating around for quite a while. This IS NOT the new “system”. They will be going to red, white, and blue, but not in this manner.

  3. Tyler on Thu, 3rd May 2007 8:48 am 

    I have since received several e-mails stating that this design has been around for a while. I must have been under a rock!!!
    Do you have an updated version of what the new uniforms might look like?
    Thanks for your comment!

  4. gustafsson on Thu, 3rd May 2007 9:07 am 

    “Do you have an updated version of what the new uniforms might look like?”

    Don’t we wish! The Capitals have been extremely tight lipped on this. Perhaps because of the backlash the last time they were going to change.

    During his interview on a local radio station, Olaf Kolzig said that he likes the new threads and the red is deeper than the previous red. “A good mix between the old and the new.”

    They will be unveiled at the Caps draft party on the 22nd of June. We’re hoping to have it on our blog then, if not before!


  5. M on Sat, 5th May 2007 10:51 am 

    Yuck! And I mean that in the nicest way. Those can’t be the new uniforms. If the Caps are going back to their original color scheme, they should introduce a touched up version of their original logo. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the exact uniforms they wore before 1995-96. Those were classics. If they could incorporate the Capitol dome into their new uniforms, it would be fine. But the lettering with the horizontal stick and the silver star and the hideous patterns on the rest of the jersey? The answer is no.

  6. Rich Yan on Mon, 7th May 2007 7:47 am 

    Someone please get Reebok a new designer. They must have one guy with one idea because everything they do is the same. Ever since they did those God awful Denver Bronco unies they have just regurgitated the same thing over and over. The Buffalo logo (The “Slug”) is a variant of the Bronco logo. Every jersey they do has too many lines and shapes and patches of color and may look fine on a hanger but looks like crap moving around.

  7. Bob on Thu, 17th May 2007 10:16 pm 

    This design is 100% fake. It was made by a poster named Angstboy on the Caps official message boards, and is just a photoshop of the all-star jerseys from this year.

  8. Mike on Thu, 24th May 2007 12:19 pm 

    These are fan created designs done by a guy who frequents the Washington Capitals official message board. There have actually been NO leaks on the design of the new uniforms. It’s killing alot of us and we can’t wait to see the real ones.

  9. Tyler on Tue, 29th May 2007 10:14 pm 

    Yes, they are fans designs and the Capitals ones are the most professional of the bunch. It will be interesting to see what the official RBK Edge uniforms look like in 2007-2008.

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    [...] recently reported what may be the new Washington Capitals 2007-2008 Jerseys and now, via e-mail, we have a preliminary image of the possible Reebok Edge jersey style for the [...]

  12. Dave on Thu, 21st Jun 2007 11:06 pm 

    Just saw prelims of the Caps new sweaters on 2 of the local TV stations late 11 PM news… Very much the old style sweaters, but certainly modernized/updated. Ugh-ly! Personally, those that I’ve seen posted as “leaked” I like better… I actually much enjoyed the days of the blue jerseys with the Eagle (reverse of the white jerseys) better. The dark blue/black with the crossed sticks and puck with the Capitol Dome was cool too, almost would rather see that on the white jerseys. The white “leaked” jerseys” I’m not crazy about either… Whatever, the team will still be what it’s been the last several years… BAD defensively, and much as I love what Olie’s done for the DC community, he’s still not that good!..

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