Worst Hockey Equipment Roundup!

July 3, 2007 by Tyler  
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This past year we identified the worst pieces of hockey equipment ever made, from head to toe. Here they are again, in no particular order:

The Cooper XL7 Helmet

Douglas Shoulder Pads

The Fur Gloves


Cooper Shin Pads

Micron Skates

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4 Comments on "Worst Hockey Equipment Roundup!"

  1. The Northland “Dome” Hockey Helmet | National Hockey League Digest on Thu, 17th May 2007 8:26 am 

    [...] A few months ago I wrote a series of posts entitled the Worst Hockey Equipment Ever. Within that series I noted that the Cooper XL7 helmet was the worst hockey helmet ever produced. While I still stand firmly behind my decision to proclaim the Cooper XL7 as the worst, there is a close second. [...]

  2. Andrew on Wed, 17th Oct 2007 1:31 pm 

    Aside from the fur gloves, which are hideous, I owned and played in every piece of equipment listed above. Safe to say I was not a great player, but at least now I know it was the equipments’ fault (my Micron’s did have some leather on them).

    Let us all forget the 80′s ever happened. Sorry Grets.

  3. IllegalCurve.com » Blog Archive » Afternoon Delight: One Sleep Til SK on Mon, 10th Aug 2009 1:42 am 

    [...] is an old one, but please enjoy reading about the worst hockey equipment ever. I remember rocking both the XL-7 and Cooperalls. I couldn’t talk my parents into the Micron [...]

  4. Hipcheck44 (Hockey Dude) on Mon, 8th Feb 2010 8:33 pm 

    Twitter Comment

    From a few years ago, checkout the Cooperalls and XL7 helmet. When the WHL came to Spokane in 1985 that’s what they wore. [link to post]

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